Media Services

The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit is pleased to provide information to the media to assist you in your coverage of court proceedings. Contained in this section are the policies and procedures for interaction between the media and the Courts in Palm Beach County. The following information has been compiled as part of our ongoing effort to enhance the relationship of cooperation between the Circuit and the media. We hope the information proves useful to you. It is our goal to ensure that the media and general public are accommodated to the best of the Court's abilities, while ensuring the right of the litigant to fair and orderly proceedings as well as ensuring the operational integrity of the Court.

Media Policies and Administrative Orders

Media policies that apply to court proceedings in Palm Beach County may be found in pdf Administrative Order 2.208  which governs Special Interest/High Profile Proceedings and pdf Rule of Judicial Administration 2.450 which addresses Standards of Conduct and Technology Governing Electronic Media and Still Photography Coverage of Judicial Proceedings. Please note that the above policies, as well as any orders issued by the presiding judge, will be strictly enforced. It is presumed that all media personnel covering court proceedings have read and know the content of these rules.

Media Parking

Private vehicles may be parked in public parking lots and garages or in metered spots available in the downtown West Palm Beach area. Public parking is available in the Judicial Center Parking Garage. Space in this garage is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. No overnight parking is allowed in this garage.

Two parking spaces at the loading dock have been reserved for media/television transmission vehicles during high profile trials. One of the parking spaces will be allotted to the "pool" television station. The allocation of the other parking space will be determined by the Media Committee and the recipient of the parking space must provide any required audio/video feeds to offsite media.

Cameras In Courtrooms

Pursuant to Rule of Judicial Administration 2.450, at least 1 portable television camera, operated by not more than 1 camera person, shall be permitted in any trial or appellate court proceeding. The number of permitted cameras shall be within the sound discretion and authority of the presiding judge.

In addition, not more than 1 still photographer, using not more than 2 still cameras, shall be permitted in any proceeding in a trial or appellate court.

Movement During Proceedings

Video cameras in the courtroom must be mounted and operated from a tripod. Still cameras can be handheld, however, neither video nor still photographers are permitted to move about the courtroom during proceedings, nor engage in any movement or conversation that attracts undue attention. A video camera can only be installed or removed from the courtroom when the Court is not in session.

Courtroom Access/Seating/Decorum

Unless otherwise specified by the presiding Judge, seating in the courtroom for members of the media is on a first-come, first-served basis. Media persons are requested to dress appropriately. No chewing gum, please. Cell phones should be turned off or placed on vibrate mode.


Pooling arrangements shall be the sole responsibility of the media.

Media Room

The Media Room is located in Room 4.2002 on the 4th Floor of the main court facility. Contact the Court's Public Information Officer with any questions or to gain access to the room.

Inquiries Regarding Pending Cases

The Code of Judicial Conduct governing Judges prohibits them from discussing any pending cases with the media or the public.

For questions about media related activities, please contact media services using the information below.

Richalyn Miller
Public Information Officer
(561) 355-4098