Court Reference and Research

Administrative Orders are directives by the Chief Judge which are necessary to properly administer the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit.
The 15th Judicial Circuit's Appellate Opinions are listed by both date and topic
At the direction of the Florida Supreme Court, the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit has implemented Differentiated Case Management Plans.
The judicial directory is a listing of contact information for the court's judges, magistrates and the managers.
Forms and orders for the Family Division

Information for the Public

  ADA Information
  Civil Evidence Pre-Marking Guidelines
  Courtroom Media Request
  Court Reporting Transcript/CD Request
  Courthouse Locations
  Courthouse Tour Information
  Domestic Violence
pdf.png Foreclosure Division AW Redistribution List Pursuant To A.O. 3.302 - 9/18
  Juvenile Division
  Law Library
  Media Services
  Non-Military Status Search
pdf.png Notice for Email Designation Form for E-Service
  Pro Bono Committee
  Unified Family Court