Finance Department

Under the supervision of the Chief Judge and Trial Court Administrator, Court Finance manages the Circuit's financial operations, both state and county, for all five courthouse locations. The management includes: budget development and management, accounting and financial reporting, purchase orders, invoice processing, contract management, supply room management, records destruction, inventory management, and mail management. Court Finance also manages the bid for services related to office moves, including Judicial rotations. Staff assist with interior space planning, generate work orders for facility services and security access, and create court identification cards.

Court Finance performs these responsibilities in accordance with established county and state rules and regulations. Tools and financial systems are implemented to document and track the Circuit's financial position.

Finance Staff
Budget Director Stefanie Thomas (561) 355-1541
State Budget Purchases, & Invoice Processing Rhoda Jones (561) 355-2012
County Budget Purchases, & Invoice Processing VACANT (561) 355-6656
Purchase Quotes, Facility Services, Judicial Moves, Records Destruction Vacant (561) 355-1542
Due Process & Other Contractual Payments, Travel Adrione Gibbs (561) 355-1540
Supplies/Inventory James Montada (561) 355-6359
Supplies/Inventory Steven Toner (561) 355-6359
Mail Services VACANT (561) 355-6389
Mail Services Shane Hussey (561) 355-6389
Mail Services Erik Rodriguez (561) 355-6389