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Court Technology provides strategic planning, project management and a wide array of technical support services to the judiciary, management, and support staff at all five Palm Beach County courthouses. Additional courtroom support is provided for the Clerk & Comptroller, State Attorney, Public Defender and Sheriff, as well as wireless internet access for attorneys and the public. Additionally, technology staff develops manages and implements innovative projects to comply with State mandates and local needs.

The Court Technology Department is comprised of twenty-four positions: Chief Information Officer, Deputy Chief Information Officer; eight desktop support positions; six systems support positions; five application development positions; and three paid student technologists (part time, county funded).

Student Technologists

Court Technology is hiring student technologists. This is skilled technical work administering support for a Windows based desktop environment. The Computer intern will provide end user technical support for Court Administration staff.

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Online Services

Court Technology has created a number of online services for attorneys and the public. This includes online scheduling for hearings, mediation scheduling, transcript requests and requests for interpreters.

Evidence Presentation & Courtroom Equipment

Court Technology supplies various audio/video equipment to use for presentation of evidence in court. Hardware is available on a first come, first served basis for courtroom evidence presentation.

Hardware is available on a first come, first served basis for courtroom evidence presentation. There is no charge for hardware in due process cases. A nominal fee is charged by the law library for all other hardware rentals.

To request audio/video equipment for your hearing or trial complete the online media request form.

Media Request form

New Court Room Equipment

Courtroom Evidence Technology Hardware FAQ

Recently the court has incorporated new devices for presenting evidence in the courtroom including:

The new evidence presentation equipment available in the courtrooms at the 15th Judicial Circuit Court. This includes, the Hover Cam, the Owl Camera, and the Barco Click Share Device.

Barco ClickShare

The Barco Click Share, is a wireless device that projects documents from a laptop on the TV.  Attorneys may use their laptop to connect to the Barco ClickShare as a way to present evidence in the courtroom.

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The Hover Cam, is a document sharing and annotation device used in the courtroom. It allows paper documents and files to be projected onto the TV screen.

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Owl Camera

The Owl is a camera with a built in speaker and microphone for use with Zoom. It provides a 360 panoramic view which captures the whole courtroom allowing participants online to see the entire room.

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Tutorials & FAQs

In order to help attorneys and the public better use Court Technology's applications, videos and tutorials are available to instruct users in using the Court's online services.


Court Technology hosts a YouTube channel, titled CourtHelp4U, full of tutorial videos on how to use our applications. The videos tend to be short and focused on one specific task within the app.

Visit CourtHelp4U.

Connect to Wireless

Palm Beach County provides wireless connectivity in each of the courthouses. Users can access the network by connecting to PBC_WIFI. No password is required for this public wifi. Users will be required to reconnect for each visit to the courthouse.

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