County Civil Division

PIP Pretrial Hearings at the Daniel T.K. Hurley Courthouse & South County Courthouse Complex

Changes in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Procedures

Effective July 1, 2021

(Last updated 6/21/2021)

Due to the implementation of Differentiated Case Management (DCM) per the Supreme Court Administrative Order No.AOS20-23 Amendment 10, Fla. R. Jud. Admin., Rule 1.200, Rule 2.545,and Administrative Orders 3.107 & 3.108, the PIP calendar will no longer be a combined docket in the Daniel T.K.Hurley Courthouse or in the South County Courthouse Complex. The Parties have begun seeing Notices redistributing the PIP Pretrial hearings to the individual Judge’s dockets for hearing. Some Notices may contain zoom information and those hearing will remain zoom unless otherwise notified by the Court. This will result in both zoom and live hearings throughout the month of July.

When submitting an Order through the on-line scheduling system the prompt pop-up asking “Is this regarding a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Pretrial Conference” for submission of the PIP Waivers of Appearance will no longer appear. The documents will go directly to the divisions in which the cases are assigned.

Plaintiff’s cases that come to Pretrial that are continued pending service, will be the Plaintiff’s responsibility to either request and pay for a new summons to be issued, file a Notice of Hearing or submit an Order Resetting Pretrial Hearing to the Division for a new pretrial date.

Please note: Many Judges are no longer invoking the Rules of Civil Procedure and directing the case to proceed under the Small Claims rules. See Judges individual Divisional Instructions for any further updates. The Administrative Order 3.107 states the when the parties do submit a stipulation and waiver that it should be accompanied by a separate Order Approving Case Management Plan and an Agreed Case Management Plan should be submitted with the order as an attachment (in PDF).

PIP cases filed on or before April 29, 2021 are exempt from Administrative Order 3.108, only if, a scheduling order is in place and the dates on that scheduling order have not expired. The court will periodically review cases with the rules invoked that have exceeded the time standards set forth in the Administrative Orders and Rules cited above.

There will be no scheduling changes to the County Civil Pretrial Conference dockets in the North County and Belle Glade Annexes.

PIP Dockets

PIP dockets are provided below in PDF format as a courtesy. The dockets merely reflect the cases scheduled for that particular hearing event, they do not reflect the current status of the file or indicate if the event has been canceled. In order to check on your case status you will need to visit the Clerk of Court's website. Cases in red font indicate those files where orders to show cause have issued. Please check back for updates and future dockets.