General Legal Research & Help

American Bar Association Free Legal Answers

For civil legal issues, qualified individuals can ask a legal question and receive a response.


Online legal marketplace including a Q&A forum, lawyer directory, and the ability to ask a legal question online and answered for free by an attorney.

Florida Bar Consumer Pamphlets

Online pamphlets provide basic legal information on topics from civil, real property, estates, and more.

Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service

Submit a request for legal help to be referred to a Florida attorney.

Florida Law Help

This site is managed by the Florida Justice Technology Center and provides information on going to court, free and low-cost legal services, forms, and Florida laws.

Florida Rural Legal Services

Provides civil legal services to qualified individuals.

Florida Senior Legal Services

A listing of legal resources for seniors

Legal Aid Society

Provides civil legal services to qualified individuals.


Online directory of attorneys

Preparing for Court

(Courtroom Expectations)

For self-represented litigants, provides tips on how to prepare for court and court expectations.

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