Court Reporting FAQs

What is a transcript?
A transcript is a written version of the words spoken or testimony given in a court room during a hearing or a trial.
What is a digital recording?
A digital recording is an audio tape recording or a recording by any other electronic means, including but not limited to digital or other technology.
What proceedings are available for transcript and/or digital recording requests?
The following proceedings are either digitally recorded or reported by a stenographer (official court reporter).
  • Digitally Recorded: Misdemeanors, Traffic Criminal, First appearances, Juvenile, Magistrates, Family court Judges for DV(Domestic Violence)/RV (Repeat Violence), Contempt and Commitment hearings, Probate involving mental health, Incapacity, Guardianship, Baker and Marchman Act cases, and some Felony hearings and trials.
  • Stenographer: Death Penalty, First Degree Murder trials and other cases as needed.

**For civil, family civil and traffic infraction hearings, it is the responsibility of the litigant to hire a court reporter from a private court reporting agency.

If I don’t know if a proceeding from a felony case was digitally recorded or if there was a court reporter present, how can I determine that?
When the request is received and processed, our staff will check and you will be advised.
How do I order a transcript or CD/DVD (digital recording) of my proceeding?
Complete the Online Request Form via the web in its entirety.
Is there a cost for a CD/DVD of my hearing?
Yes, the cost is $20.00 per CD/DVD. Payment is required before a CD/DVD is produced.
How long will it take for me to receive my CD/DVD?
CD/DVDs will be ready within ten (10) business days.
What are the costs for a transcript?
The cost of a transcript is determined based on the (1) length of the transcript you order (2) the type of technology used to record the court proceeding. You will be contacted by a staff member with an estimated cost, and a request of an 80% deposit. Production will not begin until the deposit has been paid. Once provided an estimate you will have 5 business days to arrange a deposit.

The transcript per page rates are set forth in AO 2.503 and are listed immediately below.

CAT Program (Stenographer Rates)

Original and one copy only $4.50
Additional Copy $1.00 per page
Original and two copies $5.50
Additional Copy $1.00 per page
PDF CDs (3 total required) $10 each for a total of $30.00

DCR Program (Electronic Transcriber Rates)

Original and one copy $2.25
Additional Copy $1.00 per page
Original and two copies $3.25
Additional Copy $1.00 per page
PDF CDs (3 total required) $10 each, for a total of $30.00
How long will it take for me to receive my transcript?
Transcript turnaround time is six (6) to eight (8) weeks from the time of the request.
Can a CD/DVD or a transcript be sent to me by private courier service?
Yes, only if you supply a pre-addressed, prepaid and insured FedEx or UPS mailing envelope with your name, shipping information and account number. We will call for pick up.
Can I order a CD/DVD or transcript of just part of my proceeding?
Yes. Complete the Notes/Comments section of the Request Form. Indicate that a "Partial Proceeding” is requested. Be specific about the event (i.e. Voir Dire, Opening or Closing Arguments, Sentencing, Witness Testimony). If requesting the testimony of a witness, provide the name of the witness. If you do not indicate "Partial Proceeding" on the Request Form, the entire proceeding will be provided.
Are there any special instructions for ordering a CD/DVD or transcript of a juvenile proceeding?
Yes. Include the initials of the child on the Request Form. Also, you also must provide proof that you are the parent or legal guardian of the child. If you are the attorney of record, please provide a copy of the judge's order of appointment or the praecipe.
I would like to order a transcript and/or CD/DVD of the electronic recording, but I am not the litigant or a party to the case?
Because you are not listed in the Clerk of Court's docketing system as an attorney or a party to this action, the request will be treated as a public record request in accordance with Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.420 and the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit's Administrative order 2.304. A review of the transcript must be undertaken by the circuit's Office of General Counsel prior to its release to the public. This procedure is in accordance with Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order 2011-22 to ensure that no exempt, confidential or non public matter is released.
How much does a Public Records Request cost?
PR Transcript Fee: In addition to the cost of producing a transcript, a deposit in the amount of $10.00 will be needed to begin a review of the Transcript. This amount must be in a check payable to The Board of County Commissioners. The cost for the review could exceed the deposit amount. The $10.00 deposit required to review the transcript is a separate cost from that of the transcript cost.

PR Electronic Recording Fee: In addition to the cost of producing the electronic record, the review fee is $25.00 per 30 minute increment. The review fee is to be payable to the Board of County Commissioners, and must be received prior to beginning the review process. The review fee that is required to review the CD is a cost separate and apart from the production cost of the CD ($20.00 per CD). If you choose to proceed with this public records request please contact the Court Reporting Services Department.

How can I pay for my request?
  1. All orders can be paid for online, via our online payment system.
  2. You can mail or drop off a check or money order, made out to The State of Florida.
  3. We cannot accept cash.
Where do I mail payment to?
Court Reporting Services
205 N. Dixie Hwy, Room 5.1400
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
If I have a concern about a request, who can I contact?
Please call Court Reporting Services at (561)355-6526 during the hours of 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Have your case information readily available. If you are required to leave a voicemail, please indicate that you are inquiring about your request and be sure to provide your case number.