AN Divisional Instructions

CHANGES to Uniform Motion Calendar (UMC)

Starting August 1, 2018. Division AN's UMC will take place TUESDAY - THURSDAY from 8:30A.M. - 9:30A.M.

(Administrative Order 3.201*)

Uniform Motion Calendar Instructions remain as follows:

Uniform Motion Calendar (UMC):

Tuesday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. on a first come, first serve basis (please sign in with the courtroom deputy). Scheduling is between the parties. UMC Hearings are not scheduled online, and are not scheduled with the Judicial Assistant. Notices of hearing must be filed at least 5 business days in advance. The Court expects strict compliance with Local Rule 4. Prior to setting a matter on the motion calendar, the party or attorney noticing the motion shall attempt to resolve the matter and shall certify the good faith attempt to resolve. UMC hearings are not scheduled through the online scheduling system.

Judge Coates will review all motions scheduled for UMC prior to the hearing. The original Motion and Notice of Hearing must be filed at least 5 working days in advance of the UMC hearing date, with the Clerk of Court, Civil Division, and a courtesy copy MUST be sent to opposing counsel and Judge Coates' Judicial Assistant (send to the Judicial Assistant via U.S. regular mail -courtesy copies must be sent U.S. regular mail, NOT e-mail). Be advised that the Judicial Assistant has no control of setting or resetting any Uniform Motion Calendar hearing. The attorney/moving party setting the hearing should ALWAYS clear the date chosen with opposing counsel/opposing party and immediately notify opposing counsel and/or the pro se party if the hearing is cancelled and/or reset. Please DO NOT CALL the Judicial Assistant to confirm if a Motion "has made" the UMC calendar, as the daily UMC calendar is determined by who signs in on the morning of the hearing date. Judge Coates' Judicial Assistant should be advised immediately if a UMC hearing is cancelled or the motion is resolved to avoid unnecessary   expenditure time by the Court


Special Set hearings must be set via the Division AN online calendar. The Court expects strict compliance with Local Rule 4. Hearing times are available in blocks of 15 and 30 minutes. Prior to scheduling a special set hearing online, you must have 1) agreed upon the date and time for the scheduled hearing with ALL parties and 2) have previously filed your Motion with the Clerk's office. Failure to comply with these procedures will result in cancellation of your hearing by the Court.

For hearings that require more than half an hour, please send your request to Judge Coates with the amount of time requested for your motion and a copy of the motion. Judge Coates will review and decide whether the amount of time you are requesting is appropriate for your motion. The judicial assistant will contact you once Judge Coates has reviewed your motion.

All special set motions must be set by Court Order. Once set, the hearing may not be changed or canceled unless the matter is resolved, or by further Court Order. If the hearing is evidentiary, that must be noted on the proposed Order on Special Set Hearing.

Upon receipt of an online special set hearing date, the new JVS system will create a proposed order on your behalf. Please attach the Motion as a supporting document through the Online Scheduling System. If the total amount of pages exceed 10, please send via US mail (please allow time if sending via US mail) and include the confirmation page. The Judicial Assistant will email the signed Order on Special Set Hearing to all counsel/parties who have designated an email address for service once the underlying issue and confirmation is received. Judge Coates will review all motions, memoranda of law (either in support or opposition to the motion), and case authority in advance of all special set hearings. Accordingly, all counsel/parties should provide courtesy copies of their special set motions, memoranda of law and supporting case law, no later seven (7) days in advance of the hearing, and should designate the date and time of the hearing which they reference. Counsel/parties should mark the key language in the most pertinent and important cases and key exhibits for the court and opposing counsel. Courtesy copies of motions, memoranda of law, and case authority should be sent by U.S. regular mail to the Court 5-7 business days in advance. Orders in anticipation of a hearing should be brought to Court at the time of the hearing.


Appearance by telephone is permitted at UMC hearings using CourtCall. is the service provider used for the purposes of scheduling and appearing at a non-evidentiary hearing via telephone.

To set a telephonic appearance for a hearing that is presently scheduled, please go to and/or call 1-888-882-6878 and follow the instructions. No Motion or Order for telephone appearance is required, however, your opposing counsel/party must be aware that you are appearing via telephone, and must advise the Judge at the start of the hearing.

CAD Email:

Our office does not accept proposed orders via EMAIL.

If you wish to e-mail Judge Coates' chambers, you must call and receive permission from his Judicial Assistant.

Under no circumstances should the email address be used for purposes of copying the Court on any email communications between counsel regarding any matter, including without limitation, scheduling of hearings, depositions, etc., settlement discussions of any kind, or any other communication not expressly permitted by the Court's Judicial Assistant. This email is for direct communication to Division AN and not for apprising the Court of communications between the parties or their counsel.


File your original emergency motion with the Clerk of Court, Civil Division. The Clerk's office will then forward to Judge Coates, or an alternate Judge in his absence, for review and directive to determine whether an emergency hearing should be scheduled. DO NOT set an Emergency Motion for Hearing unless directed to do so by the Court's Judicial Assistant.

Proposed Orders:

To submit an order to the Court (WORD FORMAT), log on to the 15th Judicial Circuit Online Scheduling website, sign in, and follow the directions. Training videos have been posted on YouTube. Please open YouTube on the internet and search "15th Judicial Circuit of Florida" for more information. Should you have questions concerning the system, email your questions and feedback to Please do not call the Judicial Assistant for training. The parties must be in complete agreement of the order to be submitted through the online scheduling system. Otherwise, if the parties are not in full agreement the order must be submitted by U.S. regular mail and indicate that multiple orders will be forthcoming from the same hearing.

Do not submit any orders via the Circuit Online Scheduling website in anticipation of a hearing. Division AN will serve all orders by email to all attorneys who have not been excused from e-mail service and to all parties not represented by an attorney who have designated an email address for service.

Notices to Set Cause for Trial:

The moving party must file with the Clerk of Court, the original Notice for Trial with their estimated time of trial, and whether the case is to be set for a non-jury or jury trial. A courtesy copy of the Notice should be sent via U.S. regular mail to the Judicial Assistant for the setting of a trial date.

Courtroom Media Requests for Trial

For all media equipment requests for trial, please complete the Courtroom Media Request form. Complete the form and submit it to Court Technology at least 5 days prior to trial. The judicial assistant does not handle any courtroom issues or requests regarding equipment used for trials.