4th Floor Buildout Completed

The Chief Judge is pleased to announce that the buildout of the 4th floor of the Juvenile wing is now complete. The new construction offers improved space and updated technology for use by the juvenile magistrate, senior judges, and court administration staff of the juvenile division.

The buildout, initially requested of the County by the Hon. Kathleen Kroll, Administrative Judge of Juvenile, includes a new hearing room for the juvenile magistrate to preside over Review Hearings, a courtroom for a senior judge to preside over juvenile court events, attorney/client rooms and a child-friendly room.

The completed buildout comes years after its initial request because construction was stalled, in part, due to COVID closures and post-COVID supply chain delays. With this improved addition in the Juvenile wing of the Main Courthouse, the juvenile judges, magistrates and court staff, can more effectively address challenges that impact children and families in our community.