Family (Dependency) Treatment Court

Program Description

The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit's Family Treatment Court is a voluntary court program designed to help parents in the dependency system work towards a goal of reunification with their children while addressing substance abuse issues as well as other challenges. Participants in the program will engage in treatment services, submit to frequent drug testing, appear at regularly-scheduled court hearings, and comply with other program components aimed at quality parenting, recovery and long-term sobriety.  The program offers a supportive, team approach to help participants meet their case plan tasks and treatment goals.

In order to enter Family Treatment Court:

  1. participants must be Palm Beach County residents, 18 and older, who are the parent(s) of children with new dependency petitions where substance abuse is identified as an issue for parent(s);
  2. the case jurisdiction is in Palm Beach County;
  3. the primary goal for the family must be reunification;
  4. the parent(s) must admit to the abuse/neglect allegation(s).

Disqualifiers include: Parents who are alleged to be sexual perpetrators, who are incompetent, suffer from unstabilized mental health issues, have an advanced terminal illness, or have an extensive history of violent offenses, or are using medical Marijuana.

Services Provided

The following are examples of services provided by the Family Treatment Court:

  • Comprehensive and collaborative case management and family intervention services
  • Linkage to appropriate treatment services
  • Supportive team approach and access to Court to address issues timely
  • Parenting and other services that may be necessary
  • Educational and vocational training
  • Ongoing support and assistance with parenting time while children are placed out of the home
  • Resources to assist with reunification, employment, and other necessities 

Program Location and Hours

Main Judicial Complex
205 North Dixie Highway
Room 3.1104
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Cost of Program


Cristy Altaro
Juvenile Court Operations Manager
Rachel Lively
Family Treatment Court Coordinator
(561) 355-6319