Eligibility Criteria


  • 14 to 17 years old
  • Resident of Palm Beach County


  • Program is voluntary
  • Youth and Advocate agree to participate

Legal Status

Must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • 985.345 Case:
    • Has not previously been adjudicated for a felony; and
    • Is charged with a felony of the second or third degree for:
      1. Purchase or possession of a controlled substance under Chapter 893
      2. Tampering with evidence
      3. Solicitation for purchase of a controlled substance; or
      4. Obtaining a prescription by fraud
  • Deferred Prosecution Case:
    • Any filed Misdemeanor or non-violent, 2nd or 3rd degree Felony offense(s) where youth is not on Probation and WITH WRITTEN AGREEMENT FROM THE OFFICE OF THE STATE ATTORNEY where:
      1. There is evidence of a substance abuse problem; and
      2. Victim is in agreement (only on victim cases)
      3. Youth has not previously been found to have committed a felony
      4. Youth has not previously participated (signed contract) in any juvenile drug court
  • Probation Case:
    • Youth may be placed in Delinquency Drug Court as a condition of Probation or is currently on Probation (excluding firearm or sex offenses) and requests to modify Probation
  • Youth Court - Teen Drug Court Case:
    • Youth failed to complete the Palm Beach County School District Police Department
      (PBCSDPD) Teen Drug Court program and the Office of the State Attorney and
      PBCSDPD agree the case should be in Delinquency Drug Court


  • Youth has not previously participated (signed contract) in any juvenile drug court
  • Youth has not previously participated in a diversion program for a felony, non-drug offense
    UNLESS ordered as a special condition of Probation
Cristy Altaro
Program Manager
(561) 355-7914