U Divisional Instructions


ALL requests for hearings must be approved by the Judicial Assistant BEFORE filing notice of hearings. All motions must be filed and docketed with the clerk before requesting hearing time from the Judicial Assistant (JA). Please email requests for hearings to Lramcharran@pbcgov.org. Include all the parties within the email, attach a copy of the motion for the Court's review and indicate how much time is being requested for the hearing. Upon review, available hearing dates/times will be provided. Once all the parties have agreed on a date/time, please confirm with the JA and email a copy of the notice of hearing.

All Ex-Parte communication is prohibited unless ALL PARTIES HAVE BEEN COPIED ON SAME.


All emergency motions are decided by the Judge. The Movant files a Motion for an Emergency Hearing with the Clerk of the Court. The Clerk will deliver the motion to the Judge's office and the Judge will then review the Motion and determine if it is a "true" emergency as defined in Administrative Order 2.004.


All parties must review the proposed orders PRIOR to being submitted to the Court. Please email all proposed orders to Lramcharran@pbcgov.org and include all the parties in the email. All orders must be submitted in word format due to E-filing. The names and addresses of all persons receiving copies must appear on the order or final judgment pursuant to Administrative Order 2.306.