FC Divisional Instructions

Uniform Motion Calendar

Uniform Motion Calendar ("UMC")  for Family Division FC are set through the Online Scheduling. Uniform Motion Calendar for Family Division FC is held each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

 Online Scheduling

The Court will review all Motions, Memoranda of Law and legal authority in advance of Hearings. Accordingly, please provide a courtesy copy of all materials for review in advance of all hearings by U.S. Mail.

Appearance by Telephone

Attorneys and pro se parties may appear via telephone only via www.courtcall.com.  No Motion or Order for telephone appearance is required, however, your opposing counsel / party must be aware that you are appearing via telephone.  A witness may testify only in strict compliance with Fla.R. Jud. Admin. 2.530 and Fal.R.Civ.P. 1.451(b).  Please note, if you are a witness or are planning to give testimony in your case, you must have a notary public present with you for the purpose of confirming your identification and/or to swear in the witness.

Special Set Hearings

  • Motions must be filed and docketed with clerk before hearing dates can be given or a hearing can be set;
  • Counsel should contacts Judicial Assistant by email at Jbernier@pbcgov.org  for dates. Please include amount of time requesting and a copy of the Motion and supporting orders if applicable;
  • Person requesting hearing must confirm availability with opposing counsel or pro se litigant;

Temporary Relief Hearings

  • Mediation on the Temporary Relief Sought (following the filing of the motion for temporary relief) must be held before the temporary relief hearing will be scheduled. 
  • Following mediation, if parties are unable to reach an agreement, temporary relief hearings may be set.
  • Counsel should contact the Judicial Assistant to obtain the next available hearing dates / times to coordinate with opposing counsel.  Hearings are limited to a total of thirty (30) minutes. Unless permission has been granted by the Court following a UMC hearing.
  • Please review Administrative Order 5.207 for detailed instructions on Temporary Relief Hearings.

Submission of Orders

All proposed orders for Division FC shall be submitted to the 15th Judicial Circuit Online Services through the Online Services Page.  Proposed orders for Division IC must be sent in regular US mail.

All parties' names and addresses must be included on the orders. Orders which are submitted without agreement should state why the other party does not agree and what efforts were made to reach agreement.

Post Judgment Modifications, Contempt & Enforcement

  • All post-judgment matters are referred to the Magistrate;
  • Post judgment matters (non child support related) require an Order of Referral to General Magistrate.  See Administrative Order 5.104, Fla. R. Fam. P. 14.490 and Fla. R. Fam. P. 12.491;
  • A proposed Order of Referral to General Magistrate must be submitted to the Judge utilizing the approved template in the Online Scheduling application.