AK Divisional Instructions

Uniform Motion Calendar is Monday through Thursday at 8:45 a.m. in Courtroom 10A.

Circuit Civil Division "AK"

Effective May 7, 2018, Judge Meenu Sasser will preside over Circuit Civil Division "AK". 

Permission of the Court is NOT required to set hearings consisting of 10 minutes or less on the UMC calendar.  Five business days' notice must be given to the opposing party, unless otherwise agreed.  The Motion and Notice of Hearing MUST be filed with the Court, including a certification that a good faith effort has been made to resolve the issue prior to setting the hearing in compliance with Local Rule 4.

Telephone appearances are allowed without prior Court approval.  Please contact opposing counsel, give the phone number to opposing counsel and opposing counsel will give the number to call to Judge Sasser at the time of the hearing.  No Motions or Orders are needed to appear via telephone. 

Special Set Hearings

Requests for special set hearings (15 minutes or more) prior to May 7, 2018, should be made by e-mail to the JA, Michele Smith, at msmith1@pbcgov.org.  The request should include the amount of time for hearing, and the approximate calendar window requested.  A copy of the motion should be attached to the e-mail for the Court's review.  Upon review, available hearing dates will be provided to be coordinated with the opposing party, which may then be confirmed with Ms. Smith.

A courtesy copy of the Motion and Notice should be provided to the Judge by email at least five business days prior to the hearing.

Special set times are available online.


No Notice of Cancellation of UMC hearings is required.  Cancellation of Special Set Hearings/Trials should be sent by e-mail to Ms. Smith, then by filing a Notice of Cancellation with the Court.

Proposed Orders, motions, and other materials may be submitted to Judge Sasser by email at CAD-DivisionAK@pbcgov.org.   ALL PROPOSED ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN "WORD" FORMAT.