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PLEASE NOTE:  Motion calendar hearings will be held Monday through Thursday at 8:45 a.m.

PLEASE NOTE: Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520 has been amended. Documents which are recorded in the public records must also include a 3x3 inch space in the upper right hand corner. The list of documents that the clerk's office automatically records in the public record (without charge) can be obtained from the clerk's office. These documents, whether prepared by the court or counsel must have the 3x3 inch available space in the upper right hand corner. Some examples include verdicts, final judgments, notices of appeal and orders of dismissal.

When scheduling a hearing online, the full and complete title of the motion should be entered. When providing the paperwork for a hearing on a Motion to Dismiss, provide the Judge with a copy of the OPERATIVE COMPLAINT.

PLEASE NOTE: All 15 minute Special Set hearing times are limited to those case in compliance with the Case Management Plan. The case must be in compliance at the time of scheduling the hearing as well as at the time of the hearing. The first question the Court will ask of the parties before commencing the hearing will be of the case compliance status. If the case is not in compliance, the hearing WILL NOT go forward.

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