AE Divisional News

Transition for Division AE July 1, 2021

Judge Zuckerman is temporarily assigned to Division AE. Please review the Divisional Instructions as prior procedures will remain. All hearings will proceed as scheduled. Case-specific questions may be directed to the Judicial Assistant via email at All parties must be copied on the email.

Division AE’s UMC will remain remote through ZOOM at this time. Special set hearings are in-person absent Court Order. Parties may submit motions and proposed Agreed Orders requesting remote appearance for special set hearings. Please see the Divisional Instructions for detailed information.

Changes for Submittals of Orders

In compliance with the Florida Supreme Court’s November 1, 2019 Administrative Order (AOSC 19-74), all orders shall be signed electronically by the court. Division AE does not accept hard copies/emailed copies of Orders. Please resubmit your documents using the online services system for the Judge to review.

Emails to the Court

Division AE does NOT accept email transmission of copies of motions, memoranda, proposed orders, or other correspondence. Exceptions may be made when the Court specifically requests such a transmittal.

Division AE email address: CAD-DIVISIONAE@PBCGOV.ORG.

Do not submit orders to the divisional CAD email.

Please upload Orders for the Courts review through the online services system. You must have track changes turned off prior to submitting Orders.

Online Services

UMC/Special Set Hearings (scheduled online AND hearing dates are to be coordinated with all parties of record) We allow 15 - 60 minute specially set hearings in Division AE

This is divisional news only. See the Divisional Instructions for more detailed information.

Emergency Hotline for the PBC Courthouse

The hotline number is (561) 355-6744 and is available during weather/emergency situations to provide information regarding courthouse closures.

Suspension Dates

Division AE does not post suspension dates. All UMC and special set hearings are scheduled online on available dates.