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Effective March 17, 2020, the Supreme Court has prohibited any in-person hearings except for essential and critical trial court proceedings. Hearings in the civil division do not qualify as essential or critical. Therefore, all in-person hearings in Division AE are suspended immediately.

UMC hearings and special set hearings shall be conducted telephonically. All parties must agree to the phone service to be utilized for the hearing. You may use any conference call service to conduct your telephonic hearing. Please email the Judicial Assistant as soon as possible with all the phone conferencing information (please include time & date of hearing and case information in your email) If you wish to use CourtCall for your telephonic appearance, contact CourtCall directly at (888) 882-6878.

All hearings, UMC and special set, can continue to be scheduled using on-line services. All procedures and requirements concerning the setting of hearings remain in effect, including standards for reasonable notice and compliance with Local Rule 4.

Conducting telephonic hearings requires more time than in-person hearings. It is critical that you are on line when the Court joins the call.  Please be patient and wait on line until the Court joins the call.

Changes for Submittals of Orders

In compliance with the Florida Supreme Court's November 1, 2019 Administrative Order (AOSC 19-74), all orders shall be signed electronically by the court.  To that end, all proposed orders from UMC and special set hearings shall be submitted electronically to the court as follows:

  1. counsel shall use the courtroom computers to complete and upload the order or

  2. counsel shall submit the order through the online services system from their office within 24 hours after the hearing.

Ultimately, no proposed paper orders will be accepted.

The deadline for all courts in the state of Florida to comply with the Florida Supreme Court's Administrative Order (AOSC 19-74) is April 30, 2020.

Changes to Divisional Instructions and Order Setting Hearing

The Divisional Instructions for Division AE have been revised. There are several substantive changes to the Divisional Instructions. Attorneys and pro se litigants with cases pending in Division AE are urged to review the revised Divisional Instructions. Among other changes, the one special set hearing at a time requirement has been eliminated.

Additionally, significant changes have been made to the standard order setting specially set hearings.  The order has been changed to reduce the volume of documents provided to the Court in advance of hearings. To the greatest extent possible, the parties are to avoid the filing of voluminous notebooks. In this regard, the parties are directed as follows:

  • Do not provide copies of cases cited in the pleadings.  The court will review relevant case law in advance of the hearing electronically.
  • If depositions are relied upon in connection with a motion, response or reply, only the relevant portions of the deposition should be supplied to the court, not the entire deposition.  Affidavits supporting or opposing motions may be supplied in their entirety.
  • Avoid the unnecessary attachment, or filing, of documents that are only tangentially related to the issue to be decided.

This is divisional news only. See the Divisional Instructions for more detailed information.

Emergency Hotline for the PBC Courthouse

The hotline number is (561) 355-6744 and is available during weather/emergency situations to provide information regarding courthouse closures.

Suspension Dates

Division AE does not post suspension dates. All UMC and special set hearings are scheduled online on available dates.

Emails to the Court

Division AE does NOT accept email transmission of copies of motions, memoranda, proposed orders, or other correspondence. Exceptions may be made when the Court specifically requests such a transmittal.

Division AE email address:; CAD-DIVISIONAE@PBCGOV.ORG.

Do not submit orders to the divisional CAD(unless otherwise instructed)

Please upload Orders for the Courts review through the online services system:

Online Services

  • ALL orders/dismissals/judgments, etc. should be submitted through the online services system without a signature line, as the orders will be signed electronically and will be e-filed and e-served. If the order being submitted is regarding a hearing held in open court, the date of that hearing and the parties in attendance must be included in the first sentence of the order. All orders/judgments are to be reviewed by all counsel of record prior to submission. Do not submit any orders in advance of an upcoming hearing.
  • Orders submitted for cases involving pro se litigants must include language that the moving party will be serving the pro se party with a copy of the order via US Mail.
  • NOTE: When setting a hearing online, the Order Setting Hearing is immediately uploaded for signature (be sure to hit the submit button 2 times). DO NOT DO A NOTICE OF HEARING FOR A SPECIAL SET HEARING. The online scheduling system does not allow you to hold dates, so you must be sure the date is coordinated with all parties prior to setting the hearing. All motions must be filed and docketed with the Clerk prior to scheduling a special set hearing. All orders must include the motion filing date.
  • Orders/dismissals/judgments, etc. must be in WORD FORMAT with the case style & case number on the left margin. Do not use tables or macros with the case style or attorney names.
  • To submit your order/judgment: Click the online services button at the top.

UMC/Special Set Hearings (scheduled online AND hearing dates are to be coordinated with all parties of record) We allow 15 - 60 minute specially set hearings in Division AE

 Online Scheduling