Updated Administrative Orders

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Listed below are Administrative Orders (AOs) that have been created or updated in the last ten months. Click on the AO to view an official copy.

Date Signed Number Description
11-16-2017 11.109 Duty Judge Roster193.02 KB
10-30-2017 4.909 Driving while License Suspended Court181.63 KB
10-24-2017 6.106 Establishment of Main Courthouse Probate/Guardianship Divisions "IC" and "ID" and Associating Domestic Relations Divisions831.92 KB
10-04-2017 5.309 Recall of Certain DOR Child Support Writs of Bodily Attachment856.95 KB
09-20-2017 11.113 Reassignment of Cases After Disqualification or Recusal68.04 KB
09-18-2017 3.302 Division AW3.22 MB
09-13-2017 12.703 Order Permitting Clerk to Accept Paper Filings by Attorneys32.35 KB
09-05-2017 4.906 Mental Health Specialty Division "T"119.74 KB
08-29-2017 11.106 Alternate Assignments102.34 KB
08-29-2017 11.104 Seniority Listing Of Judges136.91 KB