Updated Administrative Orders

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Listed below are Administrative Orders (AOs) that have been created or updated in the last ten months. Click on the AO to view an official copy.

Date Signed Number Description
01-21-2021 12.510 Mitigating Measures in Response to COVID-19740.83 KB
01-13-2021 5.104 UFC Magistrates321.28 KB
01-12-2021 11.104 Seniority Listing Of Judges146.27 KB
01-04-2021 8.103 Transfer of Pending Appeals from the Circuit Court to the Fourth District Court of Appeal412.07 KB
01-04-2021 8.101 Appeals to the Circuit Court483.04 KB
12-18-2020 10.301 Civil Traffic Infraction Hearing Officer Program132.14 KB
12-10-2020 3.602 Residential Eviction Summons900.45 KB
11-16-2020 11.106 Alternate Assignments101.36 KB
11-16-2020 11.109 Duty Judge Roster193.02 KB
11-16-2020 5.213 Procedures for Entry of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order121.23 KB