Updated Administrative Orders

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Listed below are Administrative Orders (AOs) that have been created or updated in the last ten months. Click on the AO to view an official copy.

Date Signed Number Description
03-29-2018 2.502 Procedures for Scheduling and Recording Depositions at Witness Management Office241.91 KB
03-29-2018 7.301 Post Conviction Motions78.65 KB
03-29-2018 7.102 Prisoner Litigation486.43 KB
03-29-2018 2.806 Juvenile Domestic Violence Mediation Program31.52 KB (Vacated)
03-29-2018 4.106 Clerk's Statistical Report28.44 KB (Vacated)
03-07-2018 2.303 Sealing Court Hearings and Records195.34 KB
02-23-2018 3.201 Uniform Motion Calendar Practice34.49 KB
01-18-2018 2.310 Service by Email177.52 KB
01-18-2018 11.107 Judicial Leave Policy125.61 KB
01-18-2018 11.105 Judicial Rotation Policy143.06 KB