AI Divisional News

Beginning April 1, 2019, Judge Rowe will no longer be hearing UMC's or Special Sets on Mondays.

Uniform Motion Calendar

Division AI has adopted the Online Scheduling System for the UMC Hearings beginning February 5, 2018. Please make sure you submit a copy of the Notice of Hearing along with the motions to Judge Rowe my US mail 5 days prior to the hearing. Also, do not contact the Judicial Assistant to cancel or set UMC Hearings.

When scheduling a hearing online, the full and complete title of the motion should be entered. When providing the paperwork for a hearing on a Motion to Dismiss, provide the Judge with a copy of the OPERATIVE PLEADINGS.

Calendar Calls

Attention: please note that all calendar calls have been changed to e-calendar calls for division AI. The court shall send out the e-calendar form prior to the original scheduled calendar call. This would apply to all trial orders which do not have the e-calendar form attached.

Online Services

As of March 1, 2017, Judge Rowe’s division implemented the use of the 15th Judicial Circuit Online Services. Do not submit any orders in anticipation of a hearing. Orders should be submitted through Online Services, without a signature line, as the orders will be signed electronically and will be e-filed and e-served. If the order being submitted is regarding a hearing held in open court, the date of that hearing must be included in the first sentence of the order. Please see our Divisional Instructions for further information.

Document Delivery

All paperwork for the Judge's review (courtesy copies of notice of hearings and/or motions, memos of law, briefs, responses, case law, etc.) must either be sent to the Judge's office via U.S. regular mail or via hand-delivery to the 1st floor drop box in the main courthouse. Our office does not accept the foregoing via e-mail.

All Memoranda shall not exceed ten (10) doubled spaced pages, with highlighted legal authority. Our office does not accept any courtesy copies of the foregoing via e-mail.

Our office DOES NOT ACCEPT E-MAIL EXCEPT when given permission from the Judge or Judicial Assistant. If you wish to e-mail Judge Rowe's chambers, you must call and receive permission from her Judicial Assistant.

The Clerk's office operating hours for the public are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.


All motions to reschedule a sale date and motions to continue for cases recently assigned to Division AI (trial/summary judgment scheduled in Division AW prior to 12/31/17) are to to be set for hearing on the Division AI Uniform Motion Calendar prior to the scheduled date of sale, trial or summary judgment hearing date (scheduled online). Uncontested Summary Judgment motions will continue to be scheduled online and the motions will be heard by an alternate judge (to be updated soon). At this time, all contested motions are to be scheduled pursuant to the divisional instructions. Depending on the amount of hearings set, this procedure may change in the future. See Administrative Order 3.302.


CourtCall is the service provider used for the purposes of scheduling and appearing at a non-evidentiary hearing via telephone. If you wish to appear at a non-evidentiary hearing via telephone, you must visit and make the appropriate arrangements at least 48 business hours prior to the scheduled hearing date and time. The judge's office strictly enforces this rule so please abide by same, absent an emergency circumstance. Please be advised the Court does not set the fees imposed by Courtcall and the Court has no control over same. If you wish to appear at a hearing via telephone, you will be required to pay Courtcall's service fee/charge.


  • Case Management Conferences or
  • Evidentiary Hearings.