V Divisional News

Coronavirus Update 5/2020

Please review the Administrative Order of this Circuit Court located on the home page for the most up to date information.  "Essential hearings” are identified as bond hearings, pre-negotiated pleas, juvenile commitment release requests, non-represented defendant arraignments, and 30-day State-to-file hearings.

The Court is also holding, and encourages nonessential hearings telephonically in compliance with the Florida Supreme Court's directive. Please contact the Judicial Assistant to schedule a hearing.

All status hearings and case dispositions will be conducted remotely.

Please refer to: The Listing of Court Approved Vendors

 to select a service provider. Persons who are interested in listening to the court events may contact the Court's Public Information Office, Debra Oats, at 561-355-4495 or 561-644-0054 to obtain an access line.

This Division is dedicated to following the Florida Supreme Court Administrative Orders and the Administrative Orders of this Circuit posted on the Fifteenth Judicial Website. 

Effective immediately: in preparation of all motion hearings, proposed orders must be submitted electronically prior to the hearing. This includes Orders on Motions to Withdraw.

Judge Rosemarie Scher presides over Criminal Felony Division V in Courtroom 11H in the Main Judicial Courthouse, 205 N. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Division V email: CAD-DivisionV@pbcgov.org

Please see Divisional Instructions for Judge Scher's court procedures.

Standing Order Regarding Transporting Inmates
Order Clarifying and/or Revoking any Prior Division "V" Standing Orders Authorizing Sheriff to Release any Sentenced Defendants to In-house Arrest and/or Work Release Without Case Specific Orders