JL Divisional News

There is no Uniform Motion Calendar (UMC) held in Juvenile Divisions

Specially Set Hearings

We do not offer online scheduling for our division. Once your Motion has been docketed in the Court file you may contact the JA by emailing CAD-DivisionJL@pbcgov.org with the following information noted in the Email request:

  • Case Number
  • Case Style
  • Complete caption of motion being set
  • Docket number of motion being set
  • Amount of time required for hearing
  • Name and phone number of Attorney appearing for hearing

(please copy opposing counsel/parties on all email transmissions to the J.A.).   Once the hearing date has been coordinated with all parties, reply email to the J.A. to calendar the selected date/time for the hearing.  Once the hearing is confirmed by the J.A. and reserved on the Court's calendar, please E-mail the Notice of Hearing to the judge's office .  Also, please include a COPY of the motion that will be heard for the judge's review prior to the hearing.  The judge's office should receive these documents at least three (3) days prior to the hearing.

Please copy opposing counsel/parties on all email transmissions sent to the Judge's office 

All hearing materials mailed/delivered to the courthouse for the Judge to review prior to a Special Set Hearing must be received at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled hearing.

Emergency Hearings

Please refer to Administrative Order 3.206

For any true emergency matter, you must file a motion for emergency hearing pursuant to the above referenced Administrative Order. Submit the original motion directly to the clerk; the clerk will deliver a copy of the filed emergency motion to the judge's office for review and determination if the matter is a true emergency. The motion should indicate how much hearing time, if any, will be needed and include any supporting information which will help the Judge determine if the matter is an emergency.   PLEASE insure all parties' CONTACT INFORMATION (phone numbers and email addresses) is provided on the Emergency Motion. After the judge has reviewed the motion, he will either rule on the Motion without a hearing or the Judicial Assistant will contact the moving party with instructions.

Memoranda of Law

Should be filed directly with the Judge's office at least five business days prior to the hearing indicating the date and time of the hearing. The Clerk will not file memoranda in the court file without permission of the Judge (Administrative Order 2.301). The memoranda are limited to ten double spaced pages. Reply memoranda are limited to five double spaced pages. Please indicate in a cover letter when the hearing is set, and DO NOT submit prior to the hearing date being set.

Proposed Orders

All proposed orders may be E-Mailed to the J.A.  Please include in the cover sheet any reference to hearing date if there was one and any pertinent information that would helpful to the Judge.  All orders must include a complete service list in the "copies furnished section".  It would be very helpful if the document name includes the case number and last name of party.

SPECIAL MOTIONS that you E-File with the Clerk of Court should also be E-mailed directly to the Judge's Office for Review are:

  • Motions for Extended Hearing Time
  • Emergency Motions
  • Motions for Disqualification/Recusal
  • Motions for Re-Hearing

Please note that these procedures do not override the local rules and/or any Administrative Orders

Judge Cymonie Rowe presides over Juvenile Division JL in Courtroom 2B in the Main Judicial Complex, 205 N Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Please see Divisional Instructions for Judge Rowe's court procedures.