W Divisional Instructions

Setting Morning Calendar Hearings:

Morning Calendar is held Monday thru Friday at 8:30 a.m. for matters taking 10 minutes or less. 

  1. Please file your Motion first.
  2. Contact the Judicial Assistant for available hearing time via email (CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org). Please copy opposing counsel with the email.
  3. Once the parties have agreed to a date, please send the Judicial Assistant a copy of your Notice of Hearing and Motion via email to CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org.

Cancellations/Motions for Continuance:

Cancellations are not permitted.  However, the Court MAY accept an Agreed Order on a Motion to Continue/Cancel Hearing.  Please email the Agreed Order in WORD format to the divisional email (CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org). If the parties are not in agreement on the cancellation/continuance, the motion must be set for hearing on the Court's morning calendar prior to the date you want to continue.

Note: Once a case is on 2 hour call, a continuance will only be granted upon a showing of extraordinary circumstances. The Judge will not entertain any motions during the Calendar Call.

Electronic Appearances:

The Court is currently holding nonessential hearings via ZOOM in compliance with the Florida Supreme Court’s directive. The ZOOM link will be e-mailed directly to the attorney of record listed on the Court's docket the day before the hearing. If you have not received the e-mailed ZOOM link, please send a request for the link to the divisional e-mail, CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org.

Setting Specially Set Hearings:

All hearings that require 15 minutes or more need to be specially set. Contact the Judicial Assistant for available hearing time via email (CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org). 

Proposed Orders:

If you have an AGREED ORDER you may submit it to the CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org e-mail address for the Court's review. Make sure the e-mail subject line reads "Proposed Order- Case style, Case #" and that you have copied opposing counsel with the e-mail.  The Proposed Order must be in WORD format and not PDF (we cannot process PDF's for e-service and e-filing). Also provide any pertinent attachments such as the Motion relating to the proposed order, etc. If the Proposed Order is NOT AGREED TO, you must have a hearing on the matter. 

Emergency Hearings/Motions:

Requests for Emergency Hearings/Emergency Motions are decided by the Court. The movant must file their Emergency Motion with the Clerk. The Clerk will then distribute the Emergency Motion to the Judge and the Judge will review the Motion and decide if an emergency hearing is warranted. If the Court deems the matter an emergency, the JA will contact the parties advising them of the Court's decision. When filing an Emergency Motion make sure the opposing side is also in receipt of the motion with any attachments. 

Motions for Rehearing:

Attorney shall file the original pleading with the Clerk and send a copy to the Court. Upon receipt, the Court will review the motion and shall either deny or grant the motion or set the motion for a hearing. This type of motion is never to be set for hearing by the parties unless directly requested by the Judge.

Jury instructions:

On or before the first day of trial, please submit proposed jury instructions to the CAD-DivisionW@pbcgov.org email address and make sure the e-mail subject line reads "Jury Instructions- Case style, Case #".