KK2/KD/T/CHJD Divisional Instructions

Judge Charles E. Burton presides over Circuit Criminal Divisions:

"KK2" (First Appearance/Makemson Hrgs.)

"KD" (Drug Court)

"T" (Mental Health Court)

"CHJD" (Risk Protection Hrgs.)

in Courtroom 1 or 2 at the Criminal Justice Complex, 3228 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406.

Contact Information


Please use CAD-DivisionKK2@pbcgov.org when emailing documents to Judge Burton.

Drug Court

For any questions and/or issues please contact Jackson Mack, Drug Court Case Manager at 561-688-4530.

Mental Health Court

For any questions and/or issues please contact Paulina Pasquarelli, Mental Health Court Case Manager at 561-355-1537.

As of Friday, November 19, 2021

Defendants are required to appear in person for Mental Health Court proceedings.  It will be at the attorney's discretion to waive their client's presence.

The court will continue to allow attorneys and Mental Health professionals to appear via zoom.

Zoom Meeting Information

Please see below Judge Burton's reoccurring Zoom links for all Specialty Divisions at Gun Club.  The Zoom links DO NOT APPLY TO FIRST APPEARANCES. Please use the Zoom link for the Division that the case is assigned.  If you wish for the client/defendant/witnesses to appear in person for any scheduled hearing, you will have to verbally advise the party to appear in person.   All Notice of Hearings and/or Orders prepared by attorneys that schedule a court hearing should indicate the appropriate Zoom link on the Notice of Hearing and/or Order.  Please feel free to cut and paste the Zoom link to the Notice of Hearing and/or Order that applies to the hearing being scheduled.

Division Zoom Meeting Link Meeting ID: Passcode:
Division KK2 – Makemson/Special Set Hearings Meeting Link 811 7671 7414  
Division KD – Drug Court Hearings Meeting Link 812 7864 8373 659147
Division T – Mental Health Court Hearings Meeting Link 867 9137 8427