RB and VA Divisional Instructions

We are participating in Online Scheduling for UMC's only at this time. All specially set hearings must be coordinated through the Judicial Assistant by phone. Please refer to scheduling instructions below. NO E-COURTESY ORDERS UPLOADS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Uniform Motion Calendar

UMC hearings are conducted Tuesdays at 11:00 a.m.., (unless otherwise suspended). No telephonic appearance allowed on UMC's and are for Filed and Docketed Motions which require five minutes or less. UMC's can be set with agreement by the parties without the need to schedule through the Judge's Office, You must give the opposing side & Judge's Office at least five (5) business days notice of the hearing and please provide a courtesy copy of the Motion and notice of Hearing  to the Judge.  

The preferred method of receiving orders and motions is via U.S. mail.

Special Set Hearings

All motions that are more than five minutes are specially set through Eyder Orozco (561)355-7884 Judicial Assistant to Judge Ted Booras.  Prior to requesting hearing date and time,   please make sure that ALL Motion(s) are filed and docketed with the Clerk of Court. If there is an attorney on both sides several dates are given to the setting party so that a date and time can be coordinated as a professional courtesy.  The Court does not allowed phone appearances if Motions are more than 20 minutes long.

Landlord / Tenant Cases

Evictions are set and noticed by the court for Tuesdays of each week at 10:15 a.m. Evictions that are not resolved, the case is set for Final Hearings / Non-Jury Trial.

Small Claims Pre-Trials

Pretrial Hearings are held on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Stipulation to invoke civil Rules and waivers of Pre-Trials can be faxed to the JA. No e-courtesy Order Uploads will be Accepted by Judge Booras, the prefer method of receiving Orders is via US Mail, (but cases that are waived or Stipulated can be taken off the docket, please call the JA to obtain fax #). If either party requires a continuance, the request must be in writing with a copy to the opposing party ten (10) days prior to the pretrial date or as soon as possible, understanding that motion to continue may be heard at the time of hearing if not received in a timely manner; The Court does not allow phone appearances at Pretrials, except on extraordinary situations with prior Court approval.

Non-Jury and Jury Trials

Non Jury Trials are set by the Court with attached information regarding mediation and uniform pretrial procedures.

Jury Trials are set by the Court in an "Order Setting Jury Trial and Case Management Conference Directing Pretrial and Mediation Procedures;"

If case settles prior to the Trial date notify the Court by contacting the JA (see instructions below). A written confirmation of the settlement agreement must be filed with the Court with a copy to opposing party. When submitting proposed orders via US Mail to the Court for review, please attach the necessary copies and envelopes for all parties including return postage.


To Cancel Motions, Special Set Hearings, Pre-Trials Waivers, Jury & Non-Jury Trials, etc. a notice of cancellation must be filed with the clerk. Also notify the court by contacting the JA at 561-355-7884 to obtain a fax number(not by email). Notice must note the reason for cancellation.


ALL COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE COURT MUST BE IN WRITING, filed with the Clerk and copied to all parties in the lawsuit. Be sure to include the case #, case name, and your telephone number, the reason for said correspondence or documents being sent and, if the case is scheduled for a hearing or trial, include the date and time. Otherwise we will be unable to process your request.

Please remember that the Judicial Assistant is not an Attorney and cannot provide you with legal advice