Williams, M - Divisional Instructions

Scope of Jurisdiction for Magistrate Maxine A. M. Williams

General Magistrate Maxine A. M. Williams has been assigned to the Main Courthouse since Febuary 23, 2015. She has been handling post judgment family cases, and emergency Baker Act and Marchman Act cases.  Effective May 1, 2018 Magistrate Maxine A.M. Williams will continue her assignment in the Family Division, but will be handling post judgment cases with last name of the male litigant begins with M-Z. She will also continue covering emergency Baker Acts and Marchman Acts and will add to her assignment coverage of Judicial Reviews for division JM.

Order of Referral

For post judgment non-child support matters an Order of Referral pursuant to Florida Family Law of Procedure 12.490 must be prepared for the Magistrate and shall list the assigned magistrate by name. Please see administrative order 5.104-11/16 for updated procedures for the Order of Referral.

No Order of Referral Needed for Child Support Only Motions/Pleadings

For matters in which only child support or child related expenses are being requested, no Order of Referral is necessary since the matter will be heard pursuant to Rule 12.491, Florida Family Law Rule of Procedure.

Uniform Motion Calendar

A Uniform Motion Calendar is scheduled to be heard each Wednesday at 8:30am. Please check the UMC calendar for cancellations. If there is an urgent non-evidentiary matter, parties may also contact the Magistrate's Office to request a special set hearing.

Divisional Email Address

CAD-MJCL-Z@PBCGOV.ORG. The Magistrate will accept proposed orders by email, in word format. All other correspondence will be accepted only if approved by the Magistrate's Assistant or the Magistrate, in advance. No Ex-Parte Communication will be accepted by US mail or by email.

Scheduling Hearings

For all Supplemental Petitions for Modification, a Notice for Trial, specifying the pending matter(s) and identifying the amount of time needed to try the matter shall be filed as is required by Admin Order 5.209-5/09. A courtesy copy of the Notice for Trial and two (2) stamped envelopes shall be sent to the Magistrate if one party is self-represented. If both parties have counsel, no envelopes are necessary as the Order Setting Trial will be E-served. So long as the parties have attended Mediation as required, the Magistrate will then issue an Order Setting Case on her Trial Docket for a date trial certain.

For all other matters that require a hearing before the Magistrate, the party requesting said hearing shall submit a letter to the Magistrate's office (with a copy to the opposing party) and shall include:

  1. an estimate of the time needed to hear the matter;
  2. a copy of the order of referral [if necessary]; and
  3. a copy of the Motion(s); and
  4. two (2) stamped envelopes if at least one party is self-represented. If both parties are represented by counsel, no envelopes are necessary.

The Magistrate's staff will make every effort to contact the parties to schedule a hearing. Please note that the Magistrate's office may, from time to time and as the circumstances require, schedule hearings without coordinating same with the parties.

Documents: When Envelopes are Required

  1. If a Party wants to submit documents for the Court's consideration during a hearing, then that Party shall bring THREE (3) COPIES of that document.
  2. If at least on party is self represented in the case, the Moving Party shall bring 2 stamped envelopes for a hearing only involving child support and 4 stamped envelopes if there are any issues other than child support.
  3. No envelopes are necessary when both parties have counsel or if both self-represented persons have filed the necessary forms to opt-in to receive e-service of court documents.


Any request for continuance must be in writing and co-signed by the Client and set for hearing on the Magistrate's Calendar (after receiving a hearing date from the Magistrate's Assistant). Alternatively, if the continuance is agreed to by opposing counsel, a stipulation signed by both counsel and their clients should be submitted together with an order either: (a) assigning a new hearing or non-jury trial date; or, setting a status conference to revisit a reset date.


Cancellations may occur by (1) Agreed Order confirming that the matter has been resolved and the pending matter resolved or withdrawn; or (2) Notice of cancellation confirming that the matter has been resolved and the pending motion or petition resolved or withdrawn. Only the party setting the matter may file a Notice of Cancellation.

Telephonic Appearances

Persons appearing telephonically must have notary public present at their location to verify their identity unless there is an agreement of the parties to waive the requirement of the notary. For non-evidentiary matters, the General Magistrate does not oppose any party or witness appearing telephonically.

For all other matters telephonic appearance may be agreed upon between the parties, with notice to the Magistrate of the agreement, or determined after motion and hearing.

The cost of the telephonic appearance will not be borne by the Court. The parties shall utilize Court Call unless excused by the Magistrate. The parties shall arrange their telephonic Court Call appearance at least 3 days in advance of the hearing by calling 1-888-882-6878.


An interpreter will not be provided by the Court for hearings before the Magistrate, except for in a Department of Revenue (DOR) proceeding. If an interpreter is needed for a party or a witness, it shall be the responsibility of the party needing same to provide a disinterested, qualified interpreter. View a list of interpreters.