L Divisional Instructions

Judge Zuckerman is now presiding over Division L. All Division L matters will be heard in Courtroom 9E.

  1. Attorneys may set cases on the Court's docket without the Court's permission on every available Monday and Friday at 8:30 a.m. (absent hearings which require more than five (5) minutes).
  2. All other motions or matters may be set through the Judicial Assistant by sending a scheduling request to CAD-DivisionL@pbcgov.org. Please remember to include the case number, type of motion and quantity of time being requested in your email.
  3. Trials will be held on a weekly basis beginning Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. following calendar call the Friday before.
  4. Calendar calls will be held on every available Friday at 8:30 am. Parties must be prepared to discuss witness availability, projected length of trial, and any pre-trial matters that need to be addressed. Defendants must be present at calendar call absent prior approval by the Court.
  5. Generally, sentencing hearings will be held Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. and Motions to Suppress will be set Thursday afternoon.
  6. Motions in Limine (MIL) may be set through the Judicial Assistant and will generally be held on the Monday afternoon prior to trial, but shall be set further in advance if redactions may be necessary. The parties shall make the Court aware of any pretrial motions at calendar call.
  7. Parties shall use the divisional email (CAD-DivisionL@pbcgov.org) when sending correspondence to this division and cc all appropriate parties.
  8. All motions and special set hearings require a copy of the motion and notice of hearing to be sent to the divisional email once efiled. A confirmation email will then be sent by the Judicial Assistant.
  9. Pursuant to Rule 3.191(b)(1), upon the filing of a Demand for Speedy Trial, a courtesy copy shall be sent to the divisional email.
  10. The presence of in-custody defendants is not required at case dispositions or status checks. It is defense counsel's responsibility to notify PBSO not to transport their client unless the matter is resolving or set for a substantive hearing, ie. motion, plea, or calendar call and trial.
  11. These guidelines are intended to provide a reliable framework for handling cases in Division L and may be subject to change. Parties shall use their best judgment and are required to remain professional and civil at all times, both in court and correspondence.