JS Divisional Instructions

COVID-19 Juvenile Division Instructions

Divisional Static Zoom Meeting

When joining the hearing, all parties will be placed in a waiting room until admitted by the Court.

Meeting Link: Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 892 6526 0619

Dial by your location:

US Toll-free 877-853-5257

US Toll-free 888-475-4499

Delinquency Arraignments

Upon the filing of a Waiver of Arraignment,  the Arraignment will be cancelled and a status check will automatically be set approximately 7 days out from the arraignment on a Wednesday or a Friday by the Clerk of Court.


Routine/Short Non-Evidentiary Motions Delinquency Judicial Reviews

Any motion anticipated to be less than 10 minutes for routine matters may be set by the parties on the morning docket which is held on Wednesday and Friday.  The parties must confer prior to setting the hearing and the Moving Party SHALL file the notice of hearing with the clerks office and cc the  CAD-DivisionJS@pbcgov.org to notify the court that a hearing has been set.  ALL motions must be filed prior to setting the hearing.

Delinquency Judicial Reviews

These hearings are set by the Court they CANNOT be cancelled or continued by agreed order.  A motion must be filed. And a Hearing must be set.  All proposed orders must contain a new agreed date, no more than 30 days from the original date, for the Court to consider when determining if a continuance will be granted.


Trials cannot be continued by agreement without the filing of a Motion and Proposed Order for the Court's review.  Contested Continuances MUST be set for hearing.  If an EMERGENCY arises please see below.  


Dependency cases are heard on the third Monday in the afternoon and all day Tuesday, Injunctions are heard on Thursday mornings.  Trials are heard on Mondays.

Motions to Reopen, prior to scheduling an evidentiary hearing the case MUST be set for a status check on the Tuesday morning docket.  Please Contact the Court's Judicial Assistant for dates and times.  

Hearings, both in Delinquency and Dependency, lasting more than 10 minutes or that involve evidentiary Matters MUST be Specially Set

Online scheduling is not available for Division JS at this time. Once your Motion has been docketed in the court file, you may request hearing time by contacting the JA via email at CAD-DivisionJS@pbcgov.org with the following information noted in the Email request:

  • Case number
  • Case style
  • Complete caption of motion being set
  • Docket number of motion being set
  • Amount of time required for hearing

Please copy opposing counsel/parties on all email transmissions to the J.A.

The Judicial Assistant will provide available hearing dates / times.  After coordinating with all parties, please confirm the selected date / time with the Judicial Assistant. Please note that hearing dates / times will be held for no more than 24 hours.

Also, please include a COPY of the motion that will be heard for the Judge's review prior to the hearing.

Court Interpreters

If you have a case that is in need of the assistance of a Court Interpreter, it is the responsibility of the parties' counsel to contact the Court Interpreter's Office to request the interpreter. You MUST utilize the interpreter online request system and submit an official request at Request an Interpreter. For languages other than Spanish and Creole, please submit your request with as much possible notice as possible as a contracted interpreter will need to be secured.

For lengthy hearings, please be advised that for Spanish and Creole, our interpreters need at least 5 working days advance notice, and up to 10 days advance notice for all other languages.

In addition, you MUST send an email to the Divisional CAD at, CAD-DivisionJS@pbcgov.org and to CAD-ALLCOURTINTERPRETERS@pbcgov.org, and all parties confirming you have submitted an official request and including the case name, case number, language needed, the start time of the hearing, and the amount of time expected for the hearing.


All hearing materials/binders shall be mailed/delivered to the courthouse for the Judge to review prior to the scheduled hearing and must be received at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled hearing. A courtesy e-binder may be sent to the J.A. in addition to the hardcopy. Failure to provide exhibits timely may result in a continuation of your hearing.

Emergency Hearings

Please refer to Administrative Order 3.206

For any true emergency matter, you must file a motion for emergency hearing pursuant to the above referenced Administrative Order.

Submit the original motion directly to the Clerk and email a copy of the Emergency Motion to the J.A. for the Judge's review and determination if the matter is a true emergency.

The motion should indicate how much hearing time will be needed and include any supporting information which will help the Judge determine if the matter is an emergency. Please ensure all parties' contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) is provided on the Emergency Motion.

After the judge has reviewed the motion, he will either rule the Motion is denied as an emergency or the Judicial Assistant will contact the moving party with instructions.

Remote Appearances

The party requesting to appear remotely must file a written Motion to Appear Remotely no less than 3 days prior to the hearing and send a courtesy copy to the CAD email copying all parties. Parties must confer and advise the court in the motion if any party objects to the motion. The Court will issue a ruling based upon the motion.  It is the Moving party's responsibility to submit a proposed order (via OLS) with the Court Zoom Information in the proposed order.  In an emergency please email the JA via email at CAD-DivisionJS@pbcgov.org regarding the emergency to get permission to appear via ZOOM.

Case Law

Any case law pertinent to legal issues which may arise at a hearing is to be emailed to the J.A. no less than 36 hours before the hearing. Counsel may highlight or otherwise mark key language in cases. Copies of the highlighted cases must be provided to all parties.

Evidence Procedure

For live Hearings, all evidence must be marked and prepared prior to the hearing.  All parties must ensure that they have the appropriate copies.  

For Remote Hearing please follow the below procedure

pdf icon Remote Hearing Evidence Procedure

Proposed Orders

Effective February 8,2021: All proposed Orders should be submitted through the Online Court Services (OLS) portal. Any Proposed Orders submitted via email will be rejected.

Procedure to Filing in OLS
AOSC 19-74

All Orders must include a complete service list in the "copies furnished section" with complete email address.

Special motions that you E-File with the Clerk of Court should also be emailed directly to the Judge's Office for review are:

  • Motions to Continue
  • Emergency Motions
  • Motions for Disqualification/Recusal
  • Motions for Re-Hearing

Please note that these procedures do not override the local rules and/or any Administrative Orders.