JO Divisional Instructions

COVID-19 Juvenile Division Instructions

*There is not Uniform Motion Calendar in the Juvenile Division*

All Hearings must be specially set with the Judicial Assistant.

Once your Motion is docketed in the court file you may request a hearing time by contacting the Judicial Assistant via e-mail at or by calling (561) 355-4378, with the following information being noted in the email request:

  • Case number;
  • Case Style;
  • Completion caption of the motion;
  • Docket number of the motion;
  • Amount of time requesting for hearing.

Please copy opposing counsel / parties on all email transmissions to the Judicial Assistant.

The Judicial Assistant will provide available hearing dates / times.  After coordinating with all parties, please confirm the selected date / time with the Judicial Assistant.   Please note that hearing dates / times are not held.

A copy of the motion and notice of hearing should be provided to the Court via U.S. Mail.

All hearing materials must be mailed / delivered to the courthouse for the Judge to review prior to a special set hearing at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled hearing.

Emergency Hearings

Please refer to Administrative order 3.206

For any true emergency matter, you must file a motion for emergency hearing pursuant to Administrative Order.  Submit the original motion directly to the Clerk and e-mail a copy of the Emergency Motion to the Judicial Assistant ( for the Judge's review and determination. 

Memoranda of Law

Amy memoranda of law of special case law should be submitted directly to the Judge's office via U.S Mail at least five (5) business days prior to the hearing.  Please indicate the date and time of the hearing on the cover sheet.

Proposed Orders

All proposed Order may be e-mail to the Judicial Assistant ( in Word format.  Unless otherwise agreed, all parties shall be provided an opportunity to review the proposed Orders prior to their submission to the Court. 

All email communication to the Judicial Assistant should also include all parties.

All Orders must include a complete service list in the "copies furnished section" including the name and e-mail address of all parties.