FI and II Divisional News

Use only the email address: for family, probate, and guardianship matters.


E-Filing with the Clerk of Court does not mean the Judge's office has received a copy of your filing. If you want your motion reviewed you must send a copy to the Judge separately.

Online Scheduling

Judge Miller participates ONLY in online scheduling for 8:45 ex-parte probate and guardianship cases. To schedule a motion on the UMC docket check for suspension dates and coordinate a date with opposing counsel, then send a courtesy copy of your motion and notice via US mail to the judge's office.

Uniform Motion Calendar

8:45 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. (30 minutes)

Tuesday Probate/Family
Wednesday Family
Thursday Probate/Guardianship

Recent Updates

New UMC suspension dates

New requirements regarding notice of trial