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IMPORTANT: All communications with the Court must be done in writing, filed with the Clerk's office, and copied to all parties in the lawsuit. Please include the case number, case name, telephone number, and current address with your correspondence or documents.

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Online Scheduling

Beginning August 1, 2017, all attorneys are required to utilize the Online Scheduling System for scheduling Uniform Motion Calendar and Special Set Hearings.

  Online Scheduling

Uniform Motion Calendar

Uniform motion calendar for division RS will be on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. In courtroom #7 – for a hearing of 10 minutes or less.

Uniform Motion Calendar (UMC) hearings must be set using the Online Scheduling System. Use of this system requires a user ID and password. Technical questions regarding the system should be directed to; the Judicial Assistant is not able to answer these questions.  Upon utilizing the online scheduling system, UMC hearings are set/noticed by a party filing/serving a Notice of Hearing.

Special Set Hearings

Special Set Hearings (15 or 30 min.) must be set using the Online Scheduling System. Special Set Hearings are set by a party filing/serving a Notice of Special Set Hearing

For special set hearings requiring more than 30 minutes, please review the divisional instructions first and then email the judicial assistant at


To cancel a Special Set hearing please file a notice of cancellation and notify the court via email (

UMC Hearings are cancelled online by the parties. There is no need to contact the Court when cancelling a UMC hearing. Please be considerate and cancel any hearing that is no longer needed or resolved prior to the hearing date.

Landlord/Tenant Cases

Eviction cases are heard on Wednesdays at 9:00 am. These cases are set by the Court after a review of any Motions sent to the Court, or when the Court decides there is a need for Mediation. Mediators will be available at no charge to the parties for Residential Mediations and $60.00 per side for Commercial Mediations.

Final Hearings on Eviction cases will normally be heard after Mediation.

Small Claims Pre-Trial Hearings

Pre-Trial Hearings for Small Claims cases are set every other Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 am. All Small Claims cases must go to Mediation. If not resolved, the case will be set for Trial. Mediators are provided for free. Stipulations to Waive Pre-Trial Hearings and Invoke the Civil Rules must be approved by the Court.


All divisions of the Court will be enforcing Local Rule No. 3 requiring the moving party at all motion hearings to furnish the Court at the time of the hearing with a proposed Order, together with sufficient copies and stamped, addressed envelopes for all parties. Blank Orders will no longer be furnished by the Court free of charge. Blank Orders will be available for purchase in the Law Library at a cost of $2.00 each (cash only).

Unilaterally Set Hearings-  Any party may unilaterally set a hearing if the opposing party does not respond after a good faith effort has been made in accordance with Local Rule No. 4.

View important changes to PIP pretrial procedures

Divisional Email

Pursuant to Supreme Court and Local Administrative Order all non-essential in person proceedings are hereby suspended. (15th Judicial Circuit AO- 12.510  and  , AOSC20-12, AOSC 20-23) Effective March 17, 2020, the Supreme Court has prohibited any in-person hearings except for essential and critical trial court proceedings. Hearings in the County Civil division do not qualify as essential or critical. Therefore, all in-person hearings in Division RS are suspended and will be handled through remote means.

Small Claims Pretrials

Small Claims Pretrials will be held electronically for all served cases.   If return service has not been docketed to the case at least 5 business days prior to the Pretrial hearing,  the Pretrial Conference will be cancelled and an order directing Plaintiff to contact the Clerk of Court will be entered.

Space is limited for these dockets and some cases will need new event dates or event times. Parties will be notified through Court Order via e-service or by US Mail to the address information within the case file. Orders on these events will contain updated dates, times, and instructions for accessing the Zoom meeting.

PIP Pretrial Conferences

PIP Pretrial Conferences scheduled at 9:30 AM will be going forward remotely. All parties shall dial in using the ZOOM information provided via email.

Note that multiple cases are scheduled for the same time; thus all parties are requested to dial in at the scheduled time to avoid interruptions, and mute all lines until your case is called. All cases will be called in numerical order by case number.

We encourage the parties to submit stipulations and waivers timely so you do not have to attend.

For additional information please visit the 15th Judicial Circuit PIP webpage.

UMC Hearings

Division RS will be conducting UMC hearings via ZOOM. ZOOM Meeting ID and Passcode are included in the confirmation page via the Online Scheduling system upon scheduling the motion.  At this time, the Court is not requiring a copy of the Notice of Hearing and Motion to be mailed to Chambers prior to the heading. Please be sure the motion and Notice of Hearing is docketed to the case prior to the hearing so that the Court may review all documents prior to the hearing. The Notice of Hearing must include the ZOOM Meeting ID and Passcode.

Special Set Hearings

All special set non-essential hearing must be conducted remotely. Parties shall mutually coordinate a hearing date and time using available dates and times via the Online Scheduling System. After scheduling the hearing on the Online Scheduling System, the moving party shall take responsibility for requesting a ZOOM Meeting ID & Passcode from the Court by emailing . Please include a case number, date and time of the hearing when requesting the ZOOM Meeting ID & Passcode. After the Court provides a Meeting ID & Passcode for the hearing, the moving party shall file a Notice of Hearing including the ZOOM Meeting ID & Passcode.

At this time, the Court is not requiring a copy of the Notice of Hearing and Motion to be mailed to Chambers prior to the heading. Please be sure the motion and Notice of Hearing is docketed to the case prior to the hearing so that the Court may review all documents prior to the hearing. The Notice of Hearing must include the ZOOM Meeting ID and Passcode.


There are several limitations on Evictions at this time including the CDC and other federal agencies. Tenants who are effected by COVID can contact Legal Aid are (561) 655-8944 or Florida Rural Legal Services at 1-800-582-3410 for assistance.

The Court will hear all eviction matters remotely by ZOOM.

Any answers/letters from Defendants should include the Case Number, Defendant's name, phone number and email address.

Cases may be dismissed for lack of prosecution if not acted upon by the Plaintiff/Landlord upon the Court's review of the case file.

Proposed Orders/Final Judgments

All proposed orders and Final Judgments must be submitted through the Online Scheduling System.

Pro Se litigants who have access to email are encouraged to notify the Clerk of their email address and consent to receive documents electronically. This will allow the Court to submit orders to the parties via email, which will greatly reduce the time for the parties' communication with each other and the Court. Please see the Clerk's Website for instructions for e-filing.

The Court is committed to maintaining judicial workflow during the COVID19 crisis. For any party wishing to have your non-essential matters heard remotely, please contact the Court via the divisional email.  The Court will make every attempt possible to have matters heard efficiently.

The Court appreciates everyone's cooperation and understanding during these unprecedented times. Please contact the Court with any questions or concern via the divisional email.

Divisional Email