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Administrative Appeals
Category Case Case Number Date Filed
Abandonment of Use (Zoning) 322 South County Rd. v. Town of P.B289.7 KB 2011CA002343 01/13/2012
Annexation of Property Reed v. Village of Tequesta2.14 MB 2012CA014210 08/01/2013
Architectural Commission Paul Rampell and Rita Rampell v. Town of Palm Beach173.57 KB 2014CA013648 10/09/2015
Assessment of Fine Gregory v. City of Atlantis52.89 KB 2008CA039996 10/05/2009
Assessment of Fine Kevin Easton v. City of Palm Beach Gardens187.05 KB 2015CA014285 10/25/2016
Assessment of Fine Kevin Easton v. City of Palm Beach Gardens232.12 KB 2015CA014288 10/25/2016
Competent Substantial Evidence Jupiter Farms v. Palm Beach County8.83 MB 2008CA017859 03/19/2009
Correction of Order Bre Sky Bo Holdings v. Town of Lantana52.66 KB 2008CA036244 05/06/2010
Disqualification of Hearing Officer Disqualification of Hearing Officer129.94 KB 2007CA021185 11/01/2008
Equal Employment Board City of West Palm Beach v. Curtis168.82 KB 2010CA023598 07/01/2011
Findings of Fact by Hearing Officer Feder v. Palm Beach County184.33 KB 2001CA006044 11/29/2011
Findings of Fact by Hearing Officer Palm Beach Polo v. Village of Wellington1.39 MB 2016CA005700 05/15/2017
Fines Byrd Family Trust v. Town of Jupiter529.83 KB 2012CA003213 04/17/2013
Fines Byrd Family Trust v. Town of Jupiter529.83 KB 2012CA006013 04/17/2013
Fourth Amendment Applicability (Administrative searches) Ettinger v. City of West Palm Beach211.48 KB 2008CA040059 01/29/2010
Jurisdiction Taylor v. City of Riviera Beach37.03 KB 2013CA016909 12/16/2014
Land Development Regulation Village of Wellington v. Jeffrey P. Prudden190.48 KB 2015CA013015 06/30/2016
New Code Violations Raised on Appeal Royal Poinciana South v. Town of Palm Beach190.97 KB 2008CA016638 04/30/2009
Presentation of Evidence Twin States Marketing v. Palm Beach City6.46 MB 2007AP000131 02/22/2008
Registration Fees Bradford Electrical v. City of Lake Worth232.64 KB 2007AP000131 02/22/2008
Site Plan Approval RG Towers LLC v. Town of Lake Park Florida1.12 MB 2016CA005162 03/23/2017
Special Use Permits Polo West Golf Club, Inc. & Palm Beach Polo, Inc. v. Village of Wellington62.2 KB 2015CA007218 05/31/2016
Standing 1000 Friends of Florida v. Palm Beach County233.09 KB 2008CA015653 02/16/2010
Standing 1000 Friends of Florida v. Palm Beach County236.52 KB 2008CA15665 02/16/2010
Standing Neighborhood Alliance of Palm Beach, Inc. Palm Beach Preservation Alliance, LLC, Anne Pepper and William Cooley v. Town of Palm 268.43 KB 2015CA006598 03/03/2016
Status Review Hearing Equestrian Sport v. Village of Wellington2.56 MB 2012CA0111704 07/15/2013
Timeliness City of Palm Beach Gardens v. Palm Beach County177.47 KB 2015CA007340 03/18/2016
Traffic Cameras Gross v. Town of Juno Beach488.28 KB 2009CA026525 02/02/2011
Traffic Cameras Kamp v. Town of Juno Beach398.77 KB 2010CA004716 02/02/2011
University & Colleges Micah Phillips v. Florida Atlantic University163.01 KB 2015CA007028 02/05/2016
Zoning Ryan v. Town of Juno Beach396.21 KB 2009CA039993 02/02/2011
Zoning Harbour House HOA v. City of Delray Beach23.48 KB 2014CA011943 10/09/2015
Zoning Royal Palm Real Estate v. City of Boca Raton365.88 KB 2015CA009676 06/06/2016
Zoning Dr. Mohammad Sandhu v. Town of Mangonia Park195.55 KB 2015CA013815 10/25/2016
Category Case Case Number Date Filed
Domestic Violence Injunction Michael Anthony Forman v. State of Florida211.4 KB 2014AP900001 01/21/2015
Orders, Non Final Affirmative Insurance Co. v. Pauldo8.63 MB 2009CA007739 06/16/2009
Orders, Non Final Rodrigues v. Unifund CCR Partners67.19 KB 2009AP000033 12/04/2009
Record Guido v. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office182.1 KB 2010AP000015 09/01/2011
Record Carpe v. Airport Parking47.18 KB 2013AP000016 08/28/2013
Record Lisa Dowd v. All American Asphalt, LLC and George Stevens67.61 KB 2015AP000070 10/25/2016
Record Kimberly E. Malchuski v. Town of Ocean Ridge1.01 MB 2015AP900003 12/19/2016
Rehearing State of Florida v. Cohen107.17 KB 2009AP000078 11/18/2010
Subsequent DCA Ruling DCI MRI, Inc. v. Dairyland Insurance Company41.28 KB 2010CA027097 08/31/2011
Written Opinions John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning, Inc. v. Fern Evernia Investments, LLC30.44 KB 2008AP000020 11/21/2008
Category Case Case Number Date Filed
Arbitration Abreu v. Vogt4.58 MB 2008CA011314 03/17/2009
Arbitration Santander Consumer v. Muszynski280.09 KB 2013AP000057 04/29/2014
Arbitration Spike Von Zamft and Elizabeth Von Zamft v. El Nido Jupiter, LLC235.28 KB 2016AP900007 09/26/2016
Breach of Contract Craig Jay Perkins v. Howard B. Stevens, Inc.129.14 KB 2014AP000030 01/02/2015
Contempt Craig Jay Perkins v. Howard B. Stevens, Inc.96.79 KB 2009AP000022 03/04/2010
Contempt Craig Jay Perkins v. Howard B. Stevens, Inc.336.16 KB 2011CA008776 01/09/2013