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Case Style Case Number Date Filed
Letron T. Kelly v. State of Florida1000.63 KB 2016CA006844 02-01-2017
Mallard v. East Coast Recovery1.8 MB 2016AP900116 02-07-2017
Precision Diagnostics v. State Farm Mutual (withdrawn) 2014AP000018 02-07-2017
Beaches of MRI v. State Farm (withdrawn) 2015AP000039 02-13-2017
Caban v. DHSMV605.85 KB 2016AP900020 03-02-2017
Smith v. Nowak1 MB 2015AP000066 03-03-2017
Star Light Phillips v. State of Florida433.88 KB 2016AP900132 03-06-2017
RG Towers LLC v. Town of Lake Park Florida1.12 MB 2016CA005162 03-23-2017
Wolfe v. Nextera Energy, Inc. et al.1.39 MB 2016AP900219 04-02-2017
Mallard v. East Coast Recovery1.8 MB 2016AP900116 04-13-2017
Gentry v. State of Florida1.05 MB 2015AP900022 04-25-2017
Progressive Select v. Injury Treatment Center1.58 MB 2016AP900186 05-08-2017
Carmoega-Pinero v. State of Florida710.66 KB 2017AP00005A 05-10-2017
Mugwadi v. State of Florida599.65 KB 2016AP900209 05-11-2017
Palm Beach Polo v. Village of Wellington1.39 MB 2016CA005700 05-15-2017
Beaches of MRI v. State Farm1.71 MB 2015AP000039 05-25-2017
Savnik v. DHSMV1.14 MB 2016CA01220 06-01-2017
Carson v. State of Florida540.28 KB 2016AP900068 06-02-2017
Franklin v. DHSMV1.07 MB 2016CA007775 06-08-2017
Stewart Agency v. Standard Fire Insurance Co.1.07 MB 2016AP900115 06-13-2017
Menciascruz v. State of Florida1.56 MB 2016AP000045 06-16-2017
Gill v. DHSMV391.68 KB 2016CA013033 06-28-2017
LAPI West LLC v. Village of Wellington419.23 KB 2016CA007335 06-28-2017
Scott v. State of Florida1.21 MB 2015AP900053 06-28-2017
Ciceroni v. DHSMV400.99 KB 2017CA000731 06-28-2017
14269 BT LLC405.27 KB 2016CA007337 06-28-2017
Palm Beach Polo v. Village of Wellington377.87 KB 2016CA005710 06-28-2017
Rosenau v. State of Florida400.57 KB 2016AP900245 07-14-2017
Christie v. State of Florida401.03 KB 2016AP900201 07-17-2017
Higgins v. State of Florida400.98 KB 2016AP900243 07-17-2017
Steam-a-Way v. First Protective Insurance432.95 KB 2016AP900183 07-18-2017
Chang v. DHSMV405.95 KB 2017CA000052 07-18-2017
Behar v. Cook373.62 KB 2016AP900197 07-18-2017
4040 IBIS Circle LLC and DMI Real Estate v. Mattson429.3 KB 2016AP900017 07-24-2017
Alvarez v. State of Florida900.71 KB 2017AP000071 07-28-2017
McFarlane v. State of Florida1.27 MB 2017CA003184 08-02-2017
JCRD Properies, LLC v. Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC706.39 KB 2016AP900190C 08-02-2017
Mann v. State of Florida946.78 KB 2016AP900295 08-03-2017
Yeager-Fischer v. State of Florida599.19 KB 2016AP9000010 08-03-2017
Swift Investments Inc. v. Allstate Property and Casualty1.2 MB 2016AP900182 08-04-2017
Stumm v. DHSMV417.9 KB 2017CA000143 08-10-2017
Allstate v. B. Greenwald Medical, P.A.496.11 KB 2015AP000008 08-14-2017
Allstate v. Spine & Orthopedic Center P.A.499.82 KB 2016AP900167 08-14-2017
Allstate v. Dr. Ronald Hunerberg, D.C.510.9 KB 2016AP900171 08-14-2017
Conley v. Selene Finance LP420.24 KB 2016AP900248 08-14-2017
Powers v. Dimario381.33 KB 2016AP900188 08-14-2017
Allstate v. Family Chiropractic Center of Lake Worth, P.A.506.79 KB 2017AP000029 08-14-2017
Michael Mark Properties v. Olintis557.95 KB 2016AP900232 08-14-2017
Maso LLC v. Geovera Specialty Insurance Company408.9 KB 2016AP90026CA 08-14-2017
Allstate v. Neurology Centers of Palm Beach, Inc.508.08 KB 2015AP000004 08-14-2017