Judicial Rotation Effective 7/1/2019

The judicial rotation took place on July 1, 2019. The change of assignments can be found in AO 11.101. The summary of changes is as follows:


Judge Cheryl Caracuzzo Division Z courtroom 11H
Judge Kirk Volker Division U courtroom 11G
Judge Jeffrey Dana Gilllen Division W courtroom 11F
Judge Rosemarie Scher Division V courtroom 10B


Judge James Martz Division AK courtroom 10A
Judge John Kastrenakes Division AF courtroom 9D
Judge Glenn Kelley Division AE courtroom 9C


Judge Kathleen Kroll Division JO courtroom 3A
Judge Artau Division JA/JM courtroom 2A


Judge Edward Garrison Division FC/IC courtroom 6B
Judge Dina Keever-Agrama Division FH/IH North County courtroom 4

Gun Club

Judge Laura Johnson Divisions T/KK2/KD courtroom 1 Gun Club

County Civil

Judge Paige Gillman Division RJ courtroom 6J


Magistrate Tom Baker will preside in North County, replacing Magistrate Jean-Adel Williams

Magistrate Jean-Adel Williams will preside in the Main Courthouse, replace Magistrate Temi Zeitenberg

Magistrate Temi Zeitenberg will preside in South County, replace Magistrate Tom Baker