Vacated Administrative Orders

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Listed below are Administrative Orders (AOs) that have been vacated in the last five months. Click on the AO title to view an official copy.

Number Description Date Vacated
4.801 Mentally Ill/Violent or Suicidal Inmates304.17 KB (Vacated) 09/25/2017
4.903 Community Justice Service Centers12.8 KB (Vacated) 09/25/2017
4.908 Pilot Project Regarding Jail Transports For Status Checks259.22 KB (Vacated) 09/25/2017
5.103 Case Reporting28.81 KB (Vacated) 09/25/2017
5.108 Family/Juvenile Hybrid Division "FA/JM"181.18 KB (Vacated) 09/25/2017
5.506 Establishment of Belle Glade Domestic Violence Division "FW2"12.94 KB (Vacated) 09/25/2017