IH Divisional News

Dropbox Placed in North County

It was recently brought to our attention that the clerk’s office is no longer accepting documents and other items intended for judges/magistrates from attorneys that are not filed with their office. In response to this change, it was requested that a drop box be placed in the North County Courthouse to allow attorneys to continue to drop off items such as large binders, transcripts and other hand deliveries that are not filed. After speaking with the various parties involved, the below procedure is being proposed to address this issue until such time as the County finalizes their plans for the new consolidated mailroom that is slated to be housed in the Sally Port within the next 1-2 months.

Important E-Service Information

In accordance with the 15th Judicial Circuit's Administrative Order 2.310, please ensure that primary and secondary email addresses are registered with Court Administration. Visit the Online Services page.

Please be reminded that the filing of an e-mail designation with the Clerk's Office is NOT a registration with Court Administration for JUDICIAL e-service.

JUDICIAL e-service is also NOT e-filing. E-filing is done through the Clerk's Office E-portal.

Our office DOES NOT ACCEPT E-MAIL EXCEPT when given permission from the Judge or Judicial Assistant to send letters/pleadings/proposed Orders and/or Judgments via e-mail. If you wish to e-mail Judge Scher's chambers, you must call and receive permission from his Judicial Assistant before doing so.

Important Information Below Regarding E-Service

Please be advised that family division "FH" is participating in Judicial E-Service (from the court to counsel), if all parties are represented by counsel and have a valid e-mail address. When submitting a proposed order or judgment to our office, via U.S. regular mail, for Judge Scher's signature (if all parties are represented by counsel and have a valid e-mail address), you do not have to submit conforming copies or self-addressed, stamped envelopes, as the judicial assistant will e-mail the signed order/judgment back to counsel. Counsel - save your postage!!!!!!!

Please note - Probate/Guardianship Division "IH" is NOT participating in Judicial E-Service at this time. When submitting a proposed order or judgment to our office for Judge Scher's signature for Division "IH" matters, please submit the original pleading with conforming copies and self-addressed, stamped envelopes for all parties.

See listing of divisions are participating in Judicial E-Service.

Please make note of the new Administrative Order 2.311 which relates to Notice of Change of Address/Substitutions of Counsel and Designation of Attorney of Record. This Administrative Order contains specific language which must be included in the proposed Order submitted to the Court for signature.


Please be advised that Courtcall.com is the service provider used for the purposes of scheduling and appearing at a hearing via telephone. If you wish to appear at a hearing via telephone, you MUST contact courtcall.com and make the appropriate arrangements at least 48 business hours prior to the scheduled hearing date and time.


Our office DOES NOT accept faxes.

Personal Correspondence

Our office CANNOT and WILL NOT accept any personal correspondence on a case. If you have a matter to bring to the Court's attention, please file the proper Motion with the Clerk of Court.

Income Withholding for Support Order and Florida Addendum

Please note that the previously used "Income Deduction Order" has now been replaced with the Income Withholding for Support Order and Florida Addendum (IWO). The "IWO" is a required FEDERAL form to be used for all cases involving support.


Are provided by the Court for Incapacity, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Repeat Violence ONLY. For all other hearings, it is the responsibility of the party needing an interpreter to bring to Court an interpreter who is certified, language skilled, provisionally approved or who is registered with the Office of State Court Administrator as required by Rule 2.560 and Rule 2.565 of the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration. For further information or for assistance locating an interpreter, please visit our Court Interpreters page. Persons unable to obtain an interpreter may bring someone to assist. The Court shall determine if they are qualified to interpret the proceedings.