Informative Videos on the Domestic Violence Process

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Florida Injunctions for Protection, An Overview  
This video focuses on the needs of parties considering a petition for protection. It is hoped that the video will assist petitioners (as well as respondents) in understanding Florida's four orders of protection and the requirements for filing a petition.

Florida Injunctions for Protection, the Hearing  
This video is designed as an orientation to civil domestic violence court. The video provides important information about courtroom procedures, discusses the participant's roles in the hearing, and answers many of the questions litigants might have about what will happen when they come to court.

The Effects of Exposure to Domestic Violence on Babies and Children  
This video, produced by the 11th Circuit and featuring Judge Carroll Kelly and Judge Orlando Prescott, provides valuable information about the severe and lasting negative impact that exposure to domestic violence has on babies and children. This video also teaches that babies and children who live in a home where a parent is being abused are effected and hurt even if they never directly witness the actual violence.

How to use it

For professionals: This video is a learning opportunity for judges, court staff, attorneys, and court stakeholders; it could be featured during judge-led brown-bag lunches, stakeholder meetings, and court trainings.

For litigants and those involved in the justice system: Based on lessons learned from the Fathering After Violence project, it is suggested that this video be played in court waiting areas, jails, clerk reception areas, and various other court stakeholder locations.


The Civil Injunction for Protection Brochure for Petitioners pdf.png
This brochure discusses the types of injunctions available to petitioners, what protection may be available, and what to expect during the injunction process. These brochures have been sent to every courthouse where domestic violence petitions may be filed.

The Civil Injunction for Protection Brochure for Respondents publisher.png 
This brochure explains what a temporary injunction means, what the respondent can and cannot do while the temporary injunction is in effect, what to expect at the hearing in court, and what possible restrictions the judge may order if a final injunction is ordered. These brochures have been sent to every courthouse where domestic violence injunction hearings may be held.

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