RL Divisional Instructions

County Civil Divisions begin using Online Scheduling for Uniform Motion Calendar and 15/30 minute Special Set Hearing. Orders should be submitted through the online scheduling system, without a signature line, as the orders will be signed electronically and will be e-filed and e-served. If the order being submitted is regarding a hearing held in open court, the date of that hearing must be included in the first sentence of the order.

The judicial assistant strongly encourages you to check Judge Santino's suspension dates before scheduling any UMC or special set hearing. Click on the "suspension calendar" icon on the left hand side of this webpage for this division's suspension dates.

To submit an order to the court (in word format), log on to the 15th judicial circuit website and click the online scheduling button. Click "continue to online scheduling application," sign in, and follow the directions. Training videos have been posted on YouTube. Please open YouTube on the internet and search "15th Judicial Circuit of Florida" for more information. Should you have questions concerning the system, email your questions and feedback to cad-web@pbcgov.org parties may submit their orders through the online scheduling system in advance of the hearing, but please only submit proposed orders and judgments the evening prior or the day of the hearing. This office will not hold proposed orders for advanced hearings.

This division does not participate in e-courtesy documents. Please do not submit proposed orders or supplement documentation via e-courtesy as it will not be viewed.

All paperwork for the judge's review (courtesy copies of notice of hearings and/or motions, memos of law, briefs, responses, case law, etc.) Must either be sent to the judge's office via U.S. regular mail or via hand-delivery to the 1st floor drop box in the main courthouse at least 5 days prior to hearing. Our office does not accept the foregoing via e-mail.

Uniform Motion Calendar:

UMCs are held (unless otherwise suspended), on Wednesday's and Thursday's from 11:00am - 12:00pm and are limited to five minutes per case per side. MOTIONS FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT AND MOTIONS TO DISMISS MUST BE SPECIAL SET AND NOT SET ON UMC DOCKET. Please note if the hearing time exceeds the allotted time, the court, at its discretion may ask to have the motion specially set. If your issue is resolved or there is a conflict, you MUST contact the JA to cancel the hearing and file your Notice of Cancellation with the clerk.

Special Set Hearings:

Division "RL" online scheduling is for special set hearings of 15/30 minutes only. Motions that require a 45/60 minute hearing must be requested and set by the ja (do not combine several special set openings to make a 1 hour special set hearing; they will not be heard). The moving party is required to email the Judicial Assistant at CAD-DIVISIONRL@PBCGOV.ORG, a request for a special set time/date, include a copy of the Motion, indicate how much time needed for hearing and provide case number and style of the case. IF your case settles, is voluntary dismissed, or stayed, and there are future hearings or trials scheduled, please contact the JA via phone or email.

 Online Scheduling

Telephonic Appearances

CourtCall.com /1-(888)-882-6878 is the service provider used for the purposes of scheduling and appearing at a non-evidentiary hearings via telephone. If you wish to appear at a non-evidentiary hearing via telephone (UMCs & CMCs included), you must visit courtcall.com and make the appropriate arrangements. Telephonic appearances are not available for pretrial conferences, eviction hearings, mediation hearings, evidentiary hearings, and jury or non jury trials.a motion and order are only required when there is a witness to appear telephonically, in which a motion and proposed order must be filed electronically for review. The judge's office strictly enforces this rule so please abide by same. Please be advised the Court does not set the fees imposed by Courtcall and the Court has no control over same. If you wish to appear at a hearing via telephone, you will be required to pay Courtcall's service fee/charge.

Cancellation of Hearings

Orders Special Setting Hearings or Case Management Conference hearings require an Order to Cancel and only then can the Judicial Assistant cancel the hearing from the Court Calendar. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CANCEL A HEARING ONCE IT IS SET

Small Claims/Pre-Trials

ARE SET BY THE CLERK OF COURT (NOT THROUGH THE ONLINE SCHEDULING SYSTEM) and are held EVERY Tuesday (unless otherwise suspended) beginning at 1:30 pm. The Court does NOT allow telephonic appearances at pretrial conference. All parties must appear in person. All small claims cases must go to mediation. Mediation is provided free of charge. If not resolved, the case will be set for trial.

Requests for default - you must provide the court proof of service, copy of the complaint and the statement of account or equivalent and a completed judicial default form.

Stipulations Invoking Civil Rules of Procedure:

Joint or Agreed Stipulations Invoking the Civil Rules and Waiving Appearance at Pre-Trials MUST be filed using the Online Scheduling System along with your Proposed Order prior to the scheduled Pre-Trial date.

Eviction Hearings

These cases are set by the court after a review of any motions sent to the Court, or when the Court decides there is a need for Mediation. Hearings are held EVERY TUESDAY at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise suspended). The Court does NOT allow telephonic appearances at Eviction Hearings. All parties must appear in person. Parties are not permitted to submit Final Judgments for Evictions or Default Final Judgments for Evictions until the case is at that posture.

Agreed Orders, Default Judgments, Final Judgments, Proposed Orders of Dismissal

When submitting the following to the Court for review (electronically or via mail), you MUST have the following already filed in the court file otherwise your judgment will not be signed and/or rejected. All Orders/Final Judgments MUST be sent via Online Scheduling System WITH ATTACHED SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION. (*If applicable to your submission*) *Non-Military Affidavit (MUST BE DATED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE COURT'S ORDER AND MUST INCLUDE DEFENSE MANPOWER FORM) *Proof of Service *Certificate of Mailing *Fact Information Sheet (SC or CC) *Settlement Agreement or Stipulation of Settlement *Affidavit of Costs *Affidavit of Diligent Search *Motion for Clerk Default *Motion for Final Judgment, Default Final Judgment or Dismissals.

Emergency Motions

In accordance with Administrative Order 3.2006, the original EMERGENCY MOTIONS must be FILED WITH THE CLERK'S OFFICE. The Clerk will bring the Motion up to the Judge and the Judge will determine if the motion is a true emergency.

Questions and Advice

Neither the Judge nor the Judicial Assistant can give you legal advice regarding how to proceed with your case. For assistance, you can contact the Self-Help Center at 561-355-6781 located on the first floor of the West Palm Beach Courthouse, Main Branch. Additionally, the Palm Beach County Bar Association has a lawyer referral and information service at 561-687-3266.