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Please file ALL proposed orders via OLS do not send in paper copies

Person Injury Protection (PIP) Pretrial Information

OLS is not permitted for Eviction (residential or commercial) related hearings/ motions nor is it permitted for Claim of Exemption Hearings on all Garnishment proceedings.  Hearings/motions on these matters must be special set by contacting the Judicial Assistant

Until further notice, non-essential hearings will be conducted remotely as follows:

  1. Small Claims Pre-Trial Conferences will be heard remotely via ZOOM as follows:

    • For cases that the Defendant has been SERVED and Proof of Service is DOCKETED at least 7 days prior to Pretrial date: The case will be set for remote mediation and pretrial conference via Court Order, with instructions for appearance.  The order will be sent out approximately 7 days before the hearing.

    • For cases that are NONSERVED: Plaintiff must request a new summons through the Clerk of Court in the ordinary course.

    • For SERVED cases that proof of service was not timely filed and docketed at least 7 days before the scheduled hearing: Plaintiff should submit the appropriate motion and proposed order to have the pretrial reset.

  2. The Court will be conducting all UMC and Special Set hearings Remotely via ZOOM:  Please review the divisional instructions regarding what may be heard on the UMC and SPecial Set Calendars.  All new hearings can continue to be scheduled as normal using Online Scheduling. If the parties are unable to appear during the time slots available on OLS, they may contact the Court's Judicial Assistant Yvette Deas at CAD-DivisionRB@pbcgov.org to schedule the hearing.  Any hearing over 30 minutes shall continue to be requested by contacting the Court's Judicial Assistant

    • The Moving Party SHALL be responsible for contacting the Court's Judicial Assistant Yvette Deas at CAD-DivisionRB@pbcgov.org to obtain the ZOOM conferencing information.  The moving party SHALL put the conferencing information in the Notice of Hearing. The Court will enter an order, approximately one week in advance, in each case providing the Zoom Conference information for the convenience of the parties.  

  3. All  proposed orders shall be uploaded through OLS. Most filings take up to three (3) days to appear on the docket. If you do not see your filing on the docket in time for a hearing, please send a courtesy copy to the Division at CAD-DivisionRB@pbcgov.org at least 48 hours prior to the hearing. DO NOT MAIL ANY PAPER AT THIS TIME.

  4. Parties are encouraged to upload any hearing materials (that are less than 25 pages) to the Court via e-courtesy . All Memorandum of Law, Briefs, Responses, copies of case law, courtesy copies of Notices of Hearings/Motions, etc., for the Judge's review should be either filed via e-courtesy or e-mailed(if more than 25 pages) to the Judges Judicial Assistant at CAD-DivisionRB@pbcgov.org at least 3 business days in advance of the scheduled hearing date/trial date.

  5. For evidentiary hearings and trials: The Court will be conducting evidentiary hearings and trials via ZOOM video conferencing.  Please contact the Court's Judicial Assistant, Yvette Deas at CAD-DivisionRB@pbcgov.org to obtain video conference information. 
    • The Moving Party SHALL be responsible for providing the conferencing information to all parties.  
    • All parties must exchange evidence no later than forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the hearing/trial (if not already exchanged pursuant to the pre-trial order), and email a courtesy copy to CAD-DivisionRB@pbcgov.org
    • Any party calling a live witness shall ensure the witness can be connected through the same video conference.
    • Any party ordering a court reporter shall ensure the court reporter can be connected through the same video conference.
  6. Cancellations: Special Set hearings can be cancelled by Court order submitted through OLS with the motion submitted as an attachment.  UMC hearings can be cancelled by the moving party, no order is required.

  7. Persons interested in listening to the Court events may contact the Court's Public Information Office, Debra Oats, at 561-355-4495 or 561-644-0054 to obtain an access line.

Pro Se litigants that have access to email are encouraged to fill out and file with the Clerk an email designation form. Please see www.mypalmbeachclerk.com for instructions.

Divisional email will continue to be monitored and responded to throughout the State of Emergency and all phone calls will be returned. Please continue to check Divisional Instructions for additional updates.