FY and IX Divisional News

Please contact the Judicial Assistant and confirm all Special Set Hearings

(Order Setting Hearing must be presented at the time of all Special Set Hearings)

>Hearings that are not confirmed are subject to being cancelled and / or rescheduled

Please take note that both Divisions FY and IX do not participate in online scheduling.Please refer to theSuspension Pagefor Updates.

Divisional email (CAD-DivisionFY@pbcgov.org or CAD-DivisionIX@pbcgov.org) accepts Agreed Orders and Orders Setting Hearing.

pdf.png Joint Resolution Regarding Lawyer Civility
pdf.png Amendment to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520.
pdf.png List of Orders that must comply with the Amendments to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.520 which was issued in Supreme Court opinion 14-721 
pdf.png 2.520 - Family List
pdf.png 2.520 - Probate List
pdf.png SC14-721

Recent Updates

  • Please remember to check suspension dates before doing your UMC Notice of Hearing for the Uniform Motion Calendar. The JA will update the suspension docket periodically prior to each month.
  • If you schedule a UMC hearing, Please remember to provide a courtesy copy to the JAso the Judge can view it prior to your hearing.
  • Please also take note of Courthouse Holidays on the Circuit website before scheduling hearings.