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15th Circuit Announcement concerning Cornonavirus

Please see the recent 15th Judicial Circuit Administrative Order 12.510-03/2020.7 regarding Mitigating Measures in Response to COVID-19.

Based on the Administrative Order, only essential in-person court proceedings are being held. All non-essential in-person proceedings are suspended until further order of the Chief Judge. These would include the suspension of the in-person UMC docket for Family and Probate as well as the ex parte Probate Docket.

All in-person special set hearings and trials are canceled and/or suspended effective March 18, 2020 until further notice except: domestic violence, dating violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, and stalking injunction hearings; emergency temporary guardianship hearings; and emergency adult protective services hearings.

Please note that if you have a trial or special set hearing, the J.A. will contact you approximately 1 week beforehand to either confirm the hearing (to be held by telephone) or reset the proceeding.

All Agreed Orders for Divisions FH and IH may be submitted through the OLS system for the judge's review.

Public safety is of paramount concern to the court. All matters will be scheduled as expeditiously as possible as soon as practicable.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE J.A. regarding the status of your order UNLESS your proposed order was submitted at least 14 days ago.

Effective May 1, 2020 all proposed Orders MUST be downloaded via the Circuit's OLS program.  All PROBATE orders will be forwarded to the Case Manager for review prior to the Judge reviewing.  All FAMILY orders will be reviewed by the Judicial Assistant prior to the Judge reviewing. 

The Fifteenth Circuit is launching a new ex parte calendaring app that will serve all probate divisions in South County, North County and West Palm Beach.

All dates requested after November 28th, 2017 must be requested in the new system, which is accessible by clicking the same link below.

Prior to first use, users must create an account in the Court's Online Services (current users can use their existing account).

The ex parte calendaring application can also be accessed by visiting and selecting "View All Web Applications" from within the Circuit Web Applications box.”