AB Trial Docket

September 14, 2020 Trial Docket
E-Calendar Call: 9/4/2020

(6 weeks – September 14, 2020 thru October 23, 2020)

Please note: ALL JURY TRIALS ARE SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. The jury trials listed below will be on standby in the event jury trials resume before the end of the docket and are subject to being called to trial (unless conflicts are otherwise noted herein). NON-JURY TRIALS WILL PROCEED AND WILL BE CONDUCTED VIA COURT HOSTED ZOOM.

Jury Trial Special Set

Case# /
Time Req.
  Case Style Attorney's Names/Numbers
10 days
#1 Jean Celian v. Blake Kendall, D.O., et al. Elizabeth Schoenthal 954-449-8700
Daniel McBreen 813-284-4024
Richard Woulfe 954-764-7150
8 days
#2 Robert & Suzanne McKay v. George G. Khouri, M.D., George G. Khouri, M.D., P.A. Jeff Vastola 721-2500
Keith Puya 408-3772
8 – 10 days
#3 Deborah Mullally, etc, et al. v. Shai Butbul and
ELG Trading v. Gianni Hernandez
Joseph Madalon 954-923-0072
Robert Dixon 305-917-1111
John Murphy 954-492-3457
Michael Robb 954-753-3902
Geoffrey Ittleman 954-462-8340
Susette Gruebele 954-343-3914
Nicole Martell 954-712-3070

Trials Not Reached on Previous Dockets

Jury Trial

Case# /
Time Req.
  Case Style Attorney's Names/Numbers
3-4 days
  Heather Blair v. Diverse Pool Service, LLC & David L. Wood Kelsey Burke 655-1990
Lawrence Brownstein
4 days
  Jeffrey Smith v. Rancho Chico of Jupiter Daniel Jensen 655-1990
Ronald Pena 786-361-4950

Non-Jury Trials

Case# /
Time Req.
  Case Style Attorney's Names/Numbers
4 hours
  MTGLQ Investors v. Tyrone Cherry, et al. Danielle Spradley 407-674-1850 (vacation 9/24-25)
Tyron Cherry 542-9977